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My Secret To Preventing My Cat From Climbing On Furniture.

Does your cat have the soul of a stuntman?

As a result, he scratches all your furniture every time he climbs on it.

It damages the curtains, the leather of the sofa and now your cat finds it fun to climb on your brand new furniture.

Here's my secret to changing his mind.

To prevent your furniture from becoming your cat's favorite playground, there is a natural and effective repellent:lemon.

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How to

1. When you clean your furniture, don't take just any product.

2. Preferably use lemon-based products.


There you go, your cat won't climb on your furniture anymore :-)

It's a smell that cats hate above all else. With lemon on your furniture, they won't think of climbing it!

In addition, that's good, on, we give you a homemade lemon-based recipe to clean your furniture.

And if your cat has already scratched your furniture, here's how to erase them.