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This Vet Remedy Will Help Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks.

This Vet Remedy Will Help Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks.

Every year I dread fireworks...

Why ? Because I know my dog ​​hates it!

He is even terrified of all loud noises like thunderstorms.

He's so scared that he's shaking all over...

Her teeth are chattering so loudly you can hear her from across the room.

Most of the remedies we tested didn't work well.

Fortunately, my veterinarian recommended me a super effective homeopathic remedy to calm our dog.

The treatment is to give it phosphorus 30C . Watch:

This Vet Remedy Will Help Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks.

  • What is phosphorus 30C?
  • How to give it to your dog?
  • Additional tips
  • Result
  • How often?
  • 2 other effective remedies

What is phosphorus 30C?

30C Phosphorus is the best medicine that holistic veterinarians use to overcome the fear of thunderstorms.

And that's what I use for my dog. It works really well for him! This remedy relieves his anxiety almost immediately.

After about a minute, he stops shaking and pacing. He lies down and falls asleep. For us, it saved our lives!

You can easily find it in all good pharmacies or here on the Internet.

How to give it to your dog?

When your pet needs it, just put 2 or 3 pellets on the tongue, under the tongue or inside the cheek during the anxiety attack.

Make sure there is no food in your dog's mouth when administering his treatment.

Our dog, Ben, immediately spat them out. So I have to dissolve them in water and then inject them into his mouth.

Here's how I do it:

1. In a bottle or container that closes, put 4 small marbles in about 10 cl of distilled or filtered water.

2. Let the granules dissolve for about 5 min.

3. Put on the lid or stopper and shake the container vigorously. Tap on it with your hand to make the remedy more effective.

4. Pour 1/4 teaspoon into your pet's mouth. You can use a syringe like this.

Additional advice

Even if your pet clenches its teeth, it doesn't matter. As long as the remedy comes into contact with the mucous membranes, it will work.

If you really can't get him to swallow this medicine, apply it to the pads of one of those paws. It will be absorbed by the skin.

Be sure to administer this remedy when your dog has no food in its mouth. Do not mix it with food. Otherwise, it won't work.

You can store the remedy additionally in the fridge for 2 weeks.

If you want to keep it longer, use distilled water well. Then add a tablespoon of pure vodka.

If you don't want to resort to vodka, you can also use vegetable glycerin, although it's a less effective preservative. Then store it in the fridge.


This Vet Remedy Will Help Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks.

There you go, now you know the best remedy to keep your dog calm during fireworks :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, right?

Since then, I always have this natural remedy in my medicine cabinet.

And that's the one I use for July 14, New Years and thunderstorms, but also for long car trips.

How often?

Generally, it is enough to give 1 or 2 doses about 15 minutes apart during the panic attack.

This will act for a few hours on your dog.

In the most serious cases, you can give this dose every 15 minutes until the anxiety decreases.

2 other effective remedies

Although I haven't had any luck using the natural remedies below, I think they are worth mentioning as many vets have good results with them.

- The Thundershirt anti-anxiety coat: I have heard great things about this coat from those who have used it. Unfortunately, it didn't work with our dog.

However, it seems useful for most dogs. Customer studies show it helps about 80% of dogs.

You can get one here or make your own by following this trick.

- The Bach flower remedy: this remedy is based on the essence of flowers. This is great for any animal that is upset. It is highly recommended by veterinarians. You can find some here.

Unfortunately, we haven't had much luck with this remedy either.

But a friend of mine has a dog boarding facility and he swears by it. It may well work for yours too!

I hope this info helps all scared four-legged animals.