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9 Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Camera Tips and Tricks

The latest love in the world of budget smartphones (in India) is the Samsung Galaxy J7 series. And the popularity mainly stems from why the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max sport the revolutionary Social Camera function, wide-angle lens and 13-megapixel front and rear camera.

Contents1. Change image size2. Gesture for an image3. Customize timer4. Customize volume rocker5. Manage filters6. Take a panoramic selfie7. Add shortcut for camera mode8. Ring and shoot9. Lock focus and exposure Say "cheese!"

And it's no surprise that the spec sheet (of the camera) only tells half the story. The rest of the story is told by the hidden tips and tricks that make the camera journey interesting.

After spending weeks with the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks that help get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro camera.

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1. Change image size

The Galaxy J7 Pro camera comes with some pretty good options to change image size or aspect ratio. You can either opt for 1:1 aspect ratio in the Social Camera mode or opt for a permanent solution.

All you have to do is head to the settings, select the image size (either the front camera or the rear camera) and choose the right aspect ratio. For a fully immersive mode, the 16:9 option is a great choice, or 1:1 for an Instagram-friendly photo.

The J7 Pro also gives you a choice of resolution or pixel density for your photos. Suppose, for example, that 16:9 (9.6) captures the image with a resolution of 4128 × 2322.

2. Gesture for an image

Samsung's popular palm gesture is also giving way to the Galaxy J7 Pro. For a hands-free selfie, just wave your palm in front of the camera and you're done.

This is a common Samsung feature found in almost all budget and mid-range phones. However, if you switched to Samsung recently, this setting is under Ways to take pictures ‘ under Settings .

3. Customize the timer

Camera timers are the perfect weapon to capture the perfect pose. A nifty way to get the most out of this feature is to enable the Take 3 photos fashion.

This mode only works in Auto, Pro and Selfie mode.

4. Customize volume rocker

Similar to the J7 max, the J7 Pro also offers multiple options for volume camera functions in the camera app. By default, it also serves as a trigger.

However, the volume rocker can easily double as a button for recording videos or zooming in on images. Or if you're unhappy with the options, you can fall back to the function it serves best – controlling system volume.

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5. Manage filters

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro gives you a nifty option to access camera features:swipe up/down to change shooters and sideways to change filters and camera modes.

Well, it also gives you the option to change filter management like which filters you want first. Just swipe left, tap Edit and drag and drop filters as you like.

6. Take a panoramic selfie

A group too big for a selfie? Don't worry, the J7 Pro is here for you. Launch the front shooter and swipe left to turn on the Large Selfie fashion.

All you have to do is press the shutter button and gently rotate the camera back and forth in a straight line.

7. Add shortcut for camera mode

The Galaxy J7 pro's swipe up/down feature is great, but when it comes to accessing camera modes at a glance, nothing comes in handy like mode shortcuts. /P>

So if you want Sport Mode very quickly, go to the modes screen, press the three-dot menu and select the Add shortcut to home screen option. Just select your preferred mode and you're done.

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8. Ring and shoot

How about capturing a mix between video and image? The answer is in the form of Sound and shoot mode in the Galaxy J7 Pro.

Available in both selfie and rear camera, it captures audio 9 seconds after capturing a photo. If you ask me, I'd say it's an alternative way to capture memories.

9. Lock focus and exposure

AE/AF lock ensures consistent lighting, especially when shooting video. Apart from that, the evenly distributed exposure also makes it look more professional.

To activate it, long press on the screen you want to focus on, until you see a yellow circle on the screen.

Say "cheese!"

To sum up, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro contains a plethora of features like pro mode, Social camera , crazy Snapchat-like stickers and the built-in beauty mode. Sure, it has its flaws like the lack of the zoom option in the shutter button, the anti-fog mode seen in the J7 Max, or the temperamental macro focus, but don't worry, the tips and tricks below above will make the camera experience interesting.

So which one is first on your list?