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5 must-have apps for your new Amazon Fire TV

App Store this, Google Play that… can't we give Amazon some love? For a company known for selling e-readers, e-books, and tablets, it's done a pretty solid job of effortlessly slapping an assortment of entertainment options and apps straight to your TV.

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Apps in particular are really what extend the capabilities of your Fire TV, especially if you're not an Amazon Prime member. Many of them are free and few paid apps cost more than $5, most of which are games.

So you've just bought your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, plugged it in, and you're ready to explore all it can do. Which apps perform best for your newest entertainment device? Here are five to get you started and they're all free!


This one goes without saying, but if you have a Netflix subscription, download the Netflix app right away. If you don't have a Netflix subscription, consider getting one. This will make your life much easier using Fire TV, especially without an Amazon Prime account, as you won't have to constantly buy on-demand movies and TV shows to watch.

5 must-have apps for your new Amazon Fire TV

For eight bucks a month, stream whatever your heart desires on Netflix and don't worry about how much you spend because you already know the answer – no more, no less. Also, the viewing experience is much better on a TV than on your laptop or tablet. Navigation on Fire TV is also much better than on an Apple TV.

Spotify Login

It's so much easier to browse and search for music in the palm of your hand than on a large remote screen. However, it's much more immersive to listen to that music on a bigger screen with generally better speakers. Spotify has a Fire TV app called Spotify Connect that understands and handles both.

5 must-have apps for your new Amazon Fire TV 5 must-have apps for your new Amazon Fire TV

As long as you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can download the Spotify Connect app to your Fire TV. Just follow the onscreen instructions to link the Fire TV app to your Spotify account. Then what you play on your phone will automatically play on your TV, with a nice interface I might add. Even try singing – or not, depending on what's in the best interest of the people around you.

Note: To use Spotify Connect, you need a Spotify Premium subscription. It's $10 per month or $5 per month for students. Premium is also required to play music from Spotify on any mobile device on demand.

Flappy bird family

Do you remember the Flappy Bird game that ruined the lives of an entire generation simply by being so simple to control, yet so incredibly addictive? The developer even acknowledged its addictiveness and removed it from existence…but not entirely. Flappy Bird is still alive and well on Amazon Fire TV with Flappy Birds Family.

5 must-have apps for your new Amazon Fire TV

This is a special edition of the game that can accommodate up to two players and three different birds to choose from as characters. Rather than pressing the screen on your device to make the bird fly through obstacles, you instead click the middle button on your remote.

The game is quite responsive, but still as challenging and addictive as ever. Plus, with the multiplayer mode, live competition with friends or family adds a whole new dimension. Multiple players require multiple remotes, however.


Like Flappy Bird, Crossy Road adopts a retro theme with addictive yet intuitive gameplay. Initially available for iOS and Android, this game has found a new home on Amazon Fire TV. The goal is to move the player through multiple lanes of traffic and land without getting hit by cars or falling behind. You flick forward, left, or right (using the remote control) all at once to stay one step ahead. Each move counts as one point.

5 must-have apps for your new Amazon Fire TV

The game also adds virtual coins as you score to unlock virtual items and new characters. It's single player, so it's not something the whole family can sit down to enjoy, but it still manages to be one of the best free games Fire TV has to offer.

Grilled fireplace

It may come from left field, but it's definitely worth it at the very low price of nothing. Everyone has seen rich people in movies at one time or another who, instead of having a real fireplace, display a virtual fireplace on a giant flat screen TV.

5 must-have apps for your new Amazon Fire TV

Welcome to this extravagant lifestyle, because Toasty Fireplace makes it possible. Sit back and let the visually realistic fire relax you, with optional sound effects or soothing music to set the mood. It also acts as a fantastic graphic backdrop piece when you might entertain guests in your living room. Yes, it may sound strange and dare I say pompous, but in practice it's actually quite enjoyable to keep running for effect.