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COD Warzone:The Best MP5 Warzone Loadout with Details

Call Of Duty Warzone's changing seasons are forcing players to reconsider their Assault Rifle options. The best MP5 Warzone Loadout can offer everything you need for battle royale:accuracy, range, fast rate of fire and the ability to attach a big magazine.

The MP5 setup for Warzone will give players better damage per second on medium and long range combat, without making the gun heavy in close range combat. The article will discuss the best MP5 loadout for Call of Duty Warzone after the launch of Season 4.

COD Warzone:The Best MP5 Warzone Loadout with Details

Best M4 Loadout In Call Of Duty Warzone

Best Warzone MP5 Loadout

The Modern War MP5 is a classic Warzone weapon and one of the most agile SMGs, making it a powerful weapon for close and medium range combat. A weapon that packs a punch with manageable recoil, satisfying ADS, and easy-to-control recoil, this could be your next go-to SMG for combat. The best MP5 loadout excels at mid-range thanks to its impressive damage. The best Warzone MP5 loadout is:

  • Monolithic integral suppressor
  • Foregrip Merc
  • Laser 5mW
  • 45 round cartridges
  • Foldable FTAC
COD Warzone:The Best MP5 Warzone Loadout with Details

Monolithic Suppressor adds the all-important Sound Suppression stat, perfect for the top ten situations that need to be avoided on enemy radars. This muzzle also comes with a weapon damage range buff, allowing this assault rifle to attack enemies from a distance. Extended foregrip reduces vertical recoil and provides hip stability for fast guerrilla tactics. A hip-specific accessory, best to use if you're looking for a hip build.

COD Warzone:The Best MP5 Warzone Loadout with Details

The next choice, the ultra-bright 5mW green laser dramatically improves hip fire accuracy and speeds up target acquisition after sprinting. Exposes the position when active. Only for the aggressive. The 5mW laser emits a bright green laser dot that everyone can see. The 45 Round Mags are an essential addition, and if you're looking for even more speed, you can swap out the Collapsible FTAC for Sleight of Hand, though you'll miss the stock movement speeds and ADS buff.

As soon as you have the money, you have to buy another loadout with one of the many other powerful guns and use it to get a second main weapon. Of course, you can use Overkill as a second perk and grab the best sniper Call of Duty Warzone to complement your mid-range powers.

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