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Valorant may implement a "profile codes" feature that allows users to share crosshair settings with their friends

Players can share their Valorant profile settings with their friends by sharing a unique code, which they can paste and modify as they wish. Multiplayer games are not without the profile code feature. This feature is already popular in games like CS:GO and PUBG Mobile, and it will definitely help Valorous players follow the same settings as their friends or some pro players.

Using profile codes, brave gamers will be able to upload and download various crosshairs.

Crosshair update in Valorant

Since its release in mid-2020, the game has gained a lot of traction in a short time. Riot's shooter stands out from other FPS games in the market with its unique gameplay combination of agent powers and gun games.

As a result, many gamers got interested in the game and tried it out. Many of them had never played a first-person shooter before. Valorant gave them their first taste of FPS games, and they started playing it daily.

Since this is an FPS game, having the ideal reticle setting is essential. It can also have a direct impact on gameplay. New players, on the other hand, may find it difficult to tailor their reticle settings to their preferences. They seem to be inspired by more experienced or professional players.

Learning and implementing crosshair settings from other players, on the other hand, can be a little tricky. This increases the likelihood of playing with the wrong settings, which could negatively impact a player's gameplay.

Valorant may implement a  profile codes  feature that allows users to share crosshair settings with their friends

The developers intend to offer the feature of profile codes to make it easier for gamers. This feature allows players to submit their Valorant crosshair settings and generate a code to share them with friends. You can copy and paste this code to get the same crosshair settings.

This will dispel any ambiguity and allow players to use the same settings as their friends and other trustworthy people. Riot has yet to confirm that the feature will be implemented. When this feature is finally added to the game, it will be fascinating to witness.