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Sex Education season 3:release date, cast, plot

The filming of season 3 of Sex Education has been completed since March. We tell you everything there is to know about this new season!

There is no doubt that Season 3 of Sex Education is one of the most anticipated series sequels on Netflix! Well good news, its filming is complete and it should arrive on the platform very soon. When can you see the new episodes of Sex Education? Who will be in the cast? What plots will this new season tackle? We tell you everything.

Sex Education:What is it about?

The Sex Education series follows the story of a group of high school students who explore their feelings and their sexuality. Otis Milburn, one of the protagonists, has a very advanced knowledge of all aspects of sexuality, although he has never had any experience.

His knowledge comes to him from his mother, Jean Milburn. A neurotic sexologist interpreted by the famous actress Gillian Anderson (The Crown, American Gods…). Otis, although informed about sexuality by his mother, does not wish to discuss his in front of her (we understand).

During the series, Otis is convinced by his comrade Maeve Wiley. She offers him to set up a clandestine sexology practice within high school. This is to help students who have problems with their sexuality.

Sex Education season 3:Release date

At the moment, no official release date has been unveiled by Netflix for the long-awaited third season of Sex Education. While its broadcast was scheduled for January, the series has taken a long time due to the health crisis. We hope the series will arrive before the end of the summer!

If the official trailer has not been released either, the actors have not failed to tease the next season in a video broadcast by Netflix:

Sex Education season 3:Intrigues

The Sex Education season 2 finale has been very frustrating fans of the duo Otis and Maeve.(Attention, spoilers!) The two stars of the series spent eight episodes sulking and failing to speak with candor. Otis and Maeve finally end up falling in love... but couldn't admit it.

In the latest episode, Otis records a moving message for Maeve. Message which will unfortunately be deleted by Isaac, neighbor and suitor of the young woman. This sad event certainly lays the foundations for season 3.

Sex Education, however, could have offered a much happier ending to its fans, according to Ben Taylor, one of the directors of the series. He actually said about this end, during an interview with a British media:

It's not all bad either. You have to remember that season 2 ends well for Eric and Adam, who finally get together.

Last September, Tanya Reynolds (who plays Lily Iglehart in the series) and Kedar Williams (Jackson Marchetti) made some secrets about season 3 on Instagram:

The outcome will therefore not be similar to the two previous seasons. On the program: plenty of scandals that are sure to upset the daily lives of our heroes, a rapprochement between Lily and Greta Thunberg and the arrival of new actors!

Sex Education season 3:Casting

If we will find most of the actors of the first two seasons, the sequel to Sex Education will also show new faces on the screen. The announcement comes to us directly from Netflix, which shared the news on its Twitter account:

Three new characters join the cast. Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa Johansson in Girls, becomes Moordale's new lead. She replaces Monsieur Groff, Adam's father. The latter's brother, Alistair Petrie, will be played on screen by Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films). However, this one will only intervene as a guest star, so we will not see him much on screen.

Finally, Duah Saleh will play the role of Cal, a non-binary high school student

Sex Education season 3:What do the set photos tell us?

We hope that Netflix will reveal the release date of the next episodes of Sex Education very quickly as well as the trailer for season 3. In the meantime, to wait, some filming photos have leaked and give us some clues about what's next in the teen comedy series.

We know that high school students will now wear uniforms. This decision probably comes from the new manager of Moordale (Jemina Kirke).

These photos also seem to tell us that Otis will get closer to Olivia . He could also hang out with the most popular high school students:Anwar and Ruby. Has the apprentice sexologist become cool?

As for Jean Milburn, the mother of Otis, the first shots of the shooting reveal us his baby-bump! Her pregnancy will therefore be well underway from the start of season 3 of Sex Education. Actor Asa Butterfield (Otis) has also confirmed that a time jump is to be expected in the first episode.

We can't wait to discover the third season of Sex Education! While waiting for its release, find all the information on your favorite films and series.