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NALA:the new pregnancy tracking app.

NALA:the new pregnancy tracking app.

NALA [Free Access Birth Aid]

Contents 1 NALA [Free Birth Aid] 1.1 The click that transforms your pregnancy 1.2 Features that change your life 1.2.1 Join the NALA community and become a super parent: /apps/details?id=com.wenurse.nala

Pregnancy is a period rich in emotions during which the woman's body is transformed to welcome life.
However, many mothers put their well-being on hold for 9 months, accepting that each stage of pregnancy brings its own set of constraints.
The use of drugs being limited by certain incompatibilities with the state of pregnancy, the management of the various symptoms is more delicate.

Beyond the physical inconvenience, it is a period of great change that can be accompanied by daily stress.
Access to complete and simplified recommendations allows the future mother to approach her pregnancy with more serenity.

NALA:the new pregnancy tracking app.

The click that transforms your pregnancy

Having NALA, Free Access Birth Aid, means having pharmaceutical advice available at all times. Fun and practical, the application delivers comprehensive information thanks to its various features.

Life-changing features

Revolutionize your pregnancy with NALA, the application developed by a team of young health professionals.
The content of the application has been entirely designed by two pharmacy students from the University of Paris Descartes who have made safety and well-being during pregnancy a real mission.

Week by week watch the development of the fetus with the weekly articles available on the app:it's a perfect way to start creating the bond between you, your spouse and baby.

  • Nutrition:Eat safely thanks to the nutrition section!
    You will find the list of foods to favor or avoid during your pregnancy, as well as the hygiene rules to adopt on a daily basis. Also access our daily intake recommendations to cover your needs and those of baby.
  • Pharmaceutical advice:Discover our pharmaceutical solutions designed to correct the common ailments of pregnancy.
    Because each woman is unique, you have the freedom to choose between allopathy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and lifestyle advice.
  • Drug Search:With NALA's search bar, check in one click if your medication is pregnancy-friendly.
  • Living environment:Endocrine disruptors, tobacco, alcohol, gardening… Learn to identify risky behaviors in everyday life and avoid them thanks to the recommendations available in this section.

Because a woman during her pregnancy often has a thousand things to think about, the application has a description of the mandatory gynecological consultations, as well as a personal calendar.

Add your appointments to benefit from our reminder feature, or list the medications taken and your symptoms to discuss them more easily with your doctor.

Already available on GooglePlay, your application will soon be available on iOS.


Join the NALA community and become a super parent: