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The Ingenious Trick To Cut Bread Without Putting Crumbs Everywhere.

You don't know how to cut your bread without crushing it and without putting crumbs everywhere?

It's always a hassle to cut the bread properly.

We put a lot of crumbs everywhere and the bread is all crushed.

In front of the guests, it's far from very clean.

Here's a trick that should make your life easier and wow your friends.

Simply cut the bread upside down to prevent it from crushing and getting crumbs all over the table.

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How to

1. Flip the bread.

2. Take a bread knife.

3. Cut the bread upside down.


There you go, now you cut the bread without making a lot of crumbs :-)

It's still cleaner that way, isn't it?

And it avoids having to clean everything after cutting the bread. And less cleaning to do, it's always taken!

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