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A cheap alcohol-free cocktail recipe.

A cheap alcohol-free cocktail recipe.

There's nothing better to feel like on vacation than a cocktail recipe without cheap alcohol to please everyone. Follow me.

When it's time for the aperitif , it's also time for the cocktail to do yourself at home .

No, no, don't run, take refuge in the first bar around the corner, take out your equipment instead , you will play the bartender .

Here is the recipe for an excellent coconut flavored cocktail:

1. Ingredients. Starting with a measure of 10 , take milk and coconut milk (both a quantity of 3/10 ). Next comes the cane sugar syrup (2/10 ), and a 1/10 lemon juice.

2. Take out your shaker.

3. Preparing the cocktail. First the ice cream , fill the shaker halfway . Add all the ingredients in full afterwards.

4. Once everything is there, shake well your shaker aboutthirties seconds for everything to mix well.

5. Serve your cocktail in tall glasses, without adding ice cubes. You can also sprinkle some nutmeg to decorate if you are fond of it.

So, it's still more fun to make your own cocktail at home than to pay 9 euros the cocktail at the bar, right?

Plus, if you try our other cocktail recipes on the site, you will surely become a real bartender . Only savings while having fun at the aperitif . Cheers!

And you, what do you have for an aperitif? Are you going to taste my house non-alcoholic cocktail? Tell me everything in your comments.