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Breakfast:the key to daily balance

Energy for the whole day

The trap to avoid when jumping out of bed? Skipping breakfast and going to the office on an empty stomach. Why ? Because after a night of fasting, the body needs to recharge its batteries. The key if you skip this essential meal:fatigue, loss of concentration or even hypoglycemia... Distrust! Of course, there is no question of rushing to the sweets dispenser:for the well-being of your body, as well as your silhouette, you favor a balanced meal, just to fill up on energy and nutrients, by all lightness.

The Art of Balance

To recharge the body's batteries and provide it with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, it is therefore important to choose carefully what you put on your tray. The winning formula? A hot drink, preferably unsweetened, for hydration + a portion of whole grains for energy + an unsweetened dairy for proteins and calcium + a fresh fruit for vitamins. To make sure you last until lunch, you can also increase your protein intake (cheese, eggs, ham, etc.). Thanks to this well thought-out combination, vitality guaranteed!

Practical everyday solutions

Don't have time to prepare that full
breakfast every morning? It is indeed necessary but not always easy to devote time to the preparation of such a breakfast. The solution? Herbalife formulas. Perfect for active women who want to burst with energy, fill up on vitamins, minerals and treat themselves without wasting time. Easy to consume, they provide the body with everything it needs, day after day. We therefore opt without hesitation for the Shakes Formula 1 (available without added gluten, lactose and soy), easy to prepare and take away, the Express Bars Formula 1 or the Shake Formula 1 Sport, designed for sportswomen. For hydration, you can also indulge yourself with an aloe vera drink and for the vitality boost you can complete it with a drink made from tea and plant extracts. And here is a breakfast, quickly and very well done!