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Tip:URB luxury drink

New on the market is URB Luxury Drinks, an urban drink that is alcohol-free, but certainly not soft drinks. URB is available in three flavor varieties:Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai. The flavors are refreshing and full of character with a surprisingly raw edge. URB Luxury Drinks finally gives you a choice if you don't feel like alcohol or soft drinks, but want to drink something special and enjoy it undisturbed. With this, URB creates a high-end category of luxury non-alcoholic lifestyle drinks that you can find at premium locations. URB starts in Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai, but the ambition is to conquer all world cities and provide them with a new taste.

Natural ingredients and distinct flavors
URB has developed its own recipe that 'looks nothing like'. The character, the body and the layering give URB its distinct taste that makes you forget about alcohol. The basis of URB is made from only natural ingredients. Characteristic fruits and herbs have been added for each city. With only 3.75 grams of sugar and 18 calories per 100 ml, URB fits perfectly into the current era to enjoy without compromise.

URB Amsterdam is refreshing with the 'zing' of citrus and juniper berries. It can compare with a good GT, but is completely independent in terms of taste and experience.

URB Shanghai is the sultry, oriental taste with passion fruit, sencha tea and bitterness of rhubarb. The color resembles rosé, but the taste is more distinctive than just sun and sea.

URB Berlin is flavored with grape skins, a hint of wort and virgin grass. The tannins are reminiscent of red wine, but it's more refreshing than that.

Tip:URB luxury drink Tip:URB luxury drink Tip:URB luxury drink

Sustainable urban design
It's the details that set URB apart and make it premium. URB's bottles, for example, are unique thanks to the special labels printed entirely with glass. This molten glass technique is not only exclusive, but also very durable and infinitely recyclable. The bottle caps of the flavors Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai are printed with artworks made especially for URB by urban artist Bram Reijnders. It is not for nothing that URB has been introduced in his gallery in Amsterdam. As one of the Netherlands' best-known artists, he has linked his 'urban art' to the URB brand and visualizes the 'taste' and experience of the city. Thanks to the works of art by Bram Reinders, you can experience URB Luxury Drinks with all your senses and finally get an answer to the question:What does Amsterdam, Berlin or Shanghai taste like?

Perfect serve and food pairing You drink URB neat with its own garnish for every taste. You can also mix URB with or without alcohol. For the recipes, the brand works together with international mixing professionals. In addition, URB is developing various food pairing options together with a number of chefs, because this adult luxury drink can also be drunk perfectly during lunch and dinner.