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Verrines of rice with prawns and raw salmon

Ingredients:6 verrines
  • Pink prawns (bouquet) cooked
    500 g
  • Button mushrooms
    150 g
  • pink radishes
  • chives, flat-leaf parsley
  • Big onion
  • Raw salmon
    100 g
  • Tomatoes
    2 beautiful
  • roasted and crushed hazelnuts.
    70 g
  • pitted green olives
  • spoonful of strong mustard
  • Egg yolk
  • sunflower oil
    15 cl
  • sherry vinegar
    5 cl
  • Salt, ground pepper


    • Cut the prawns into cubes (keep 3 for decoration), do the same with the salmon, set aside.
    • Peel and slice the onions, cut into a fine brunoise,
    • Remove the earthy stalk from the mushrooms, slice them thinly and cut them into brunoise, set aside.
    • Clean the radishes, keep 3 for decoration, cut the rest into small pieces, set aside.
    • Wash and chop the herbs, keep a few flat-leaf parsley leaves for garnish, set aside.
    • Prepare the mayonnaise (mustard, egg yolk, oil, sunflower, sherry vinegar, salt, ground pepper) set aside.
    • Peel and seed the tomatoes, cut into small dice, set aside.
    • Wash and cook the rice, cool it under cold water, set aside.

    • In a large bowl, put the rice, add the mayonnaise and mix well with a wooden spoon.
    • Then add each element except the hazelnuts, mixing each time.
    • Finish by seasoning with high taste.
    • Spread into the verrines, place a few hazelnuts on each. Decorate with a mini skewer studded with a diced tomato, an olive and a piece of shrimp + a leaf of flat-leaf parsley.
    • Serve chilled.