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The Trick To Quickly Blonden Your Hair WITHOUT Coloring.

The Trick To Quickly Blonden Your Hair WITHOUT Coloring.

Want to blonde your hair fast?

Don't want to use dye or chemical coloring?

You are quite right. No need for a product to blond your hair!

So you are now wondering how to bleach your hair naturally?

Fortunately, here are 2 little natural tricks that have been proven on me to clear them up in 3 days.

To make beautiful blond locks, you will only need salt and sun. Watch:

The Trick To Quickly Blonden Your Hair WITHOUT Coloring.

  • 1. Seawater
  • 2. Do not wash your hair
  • Result

1. Sea water

This is the association sun and salt water which works best for thinning hair.

This is the best recipe to turn your hair blond in just 3 days .

For this, when you get to the beach, go get your hair wet as soon as possible.

The sooner the sea salt gets on your hair, the better.

The most effective is to let your hair soak for a few minutes. Better, do a few fathoms under water so that the salt penetrates well.

Then, for the sun's rays to take effect, expose your hair to the sun as much as possible during the day.

Avoid leaving them in the shade or putting on a hat.

Obviously, the goal is not to get sunburn or sunstroke.

So cover your face with a T-shirt or put some cream on the rest of your body so you don't burn.

2. Do not wash your hair

The Trick To Quickly Blonden Your Hair WITHOUT Coloring.

Then, avoid washing your hair every day.

And yes, I know, it's going to be difficult for those who don't like to keep salty sea water on their heads.

But it's the best way to lighten your locks quickly.

Let your hair air dry and do not rinse it at night. Under no circumstances!

Rest assured, you can still wash the rest of your body.

Three days without washing will be enough to start making your hair blond.

You can always make a mask to invigorate them as Laura explains here.

Or apply a nourishing and natural oil to deeply hydrate them.


There you go, this technique allows me to naturally blond my hair every year :-)

No need for chemicals!

Your hair has become lighter in the sun and thanks to the salt water.

But, be careful... If you're brunette, you're not going to go blonde like that without going through the coloring box!

It's very effective on blonde hair that easily blondes in the sun.

And if you're not at sea, Laura also has a tip for you to read here. Just use chamomile to make blond highlights naturally.

If you don't have any, a simple lemon juice will also do the trick to blond your hair. Find out how here.

Come on, I'm going back for a little swim.