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3 Coca Cola Health Dangers:Ignore Them at Your Own Risk.

Heavy Coke consumers, beware the danger!

Studies published recently by various NGOs, including the Center for Science and the Environment (CSE), prove that this famous soft drink is harmful to health.

Yes, Coke is bad for your health.

Despite this, nearly 2 billion cans of Coca-Cola are sold worldwide every day.

However, several components of this drink are potentially dangerous to health.

Here is a small list of these harmful ingredients to warn you. A forewarned man is worth 2 billion.

Sugar, caffeine, aspartame, phosphoric acid... Discover the harmful effects of Coca Cola on health and on the body:

1. Synthetic caramel, watch out for cancer!

It's not about the good natural caramel, but about the chemical substance used to color Coke. According to the American research institute CSPI, this ingredient may be carcinogenic.

It contains ammonia and sulphites which, when mixed at high temperatures, can cause lung, liver or thyroid cancer, as well as leukaemia.

2. Phosphoric acid, a threat to kidneys and bones

While other sodas use citric acid, Coca opted for phosphoric acid (or additive E338).

It is this ingredient that gives cola its special taste.

But it can, according to various American studies carried out over the last ten years, cause two serious diseases:

- kidney failure: 500 people with kidney failure were asked about their diet in a study conducted in 2003. It was concluded that the risk of kidney failure doubles or triples from 2 glasses of Coca-Cola per day.

- osteoporosis (frailty of the skeleton) in women, partly due to a drop in calcium and BMD (bone mineral density). Too much Coke could possibly be a hindrance to growth.

3. Aspartame:the controversial sweetener

Aspartame is a sweetener contained in so-called "light" soft drinks, especially in Diet Coke. A 2010 study showed that aspartame can cause liver, lung, and even brain tumors.

For information, this study was conducted by the Italian Morando Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute, in 2007, and is currently in the validation phase by ANSES (National Health Security Agency).

It counterbalances the research carried out in the 1970s by an institute whose members were almost all part of the soda lobby and which concluded that aspartame was harmless.

Another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition led by the Dane Thorhallur Halldorson, carried out on 60,000 pregnant women, showed that premature births could be caused by aspartame.

You now know the disadvantages and harmful effects of Coke on the body...

You have been warned:drinking Coke every day carries risks to your health.

Savings achieved

A pack of 12 cans of Diet Coke costs €5.40 at Carrefour.

If the consumption of Coke in your household is 2 packs per week, that's more than €561 in savings per year ! And hop a little €500 note in your pocket, nice, isn't it?

Rather than breaking the bank by buying an expensive and unhealthy drink, better buy either water or homemade lemonade (just the cost of a lemon).

Even better, you can also make your own soda yourself with either this machine or using this trick :-)

These 3 drinks, in addition to being economical, are much healthier than Coke. You may save yourself doctor visits by drinking healthy drinks...