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Bio bubbles

Bio bubbles

Do you want to ring in the new year right? Then toast with organic bubbles.

The grapes of these wines have not been sprayed with weed killers or pesticides. Also, the farmer did not use fertilizers to speed up the growing process. The editors tested, blindly, four bio-bubbles

– Leclerc-Briant Cuvée Réserve Brut: Delicately effervescent and, despite the label brut, pleasantly fruity.
€28.75, available via &

– Champagne de Sousa Tradition: Our favorite is dry, elegant in taste and fizzingly festive.
€33.20, available at and

– Giol Rabosino Spumante: Fairly fruity with a light bubble. For lovers of a sweet.
€11.30, via

– Cappriccio Chardonnay Frizzante: A fresh taste and a light sparkle.
€7.45, via

So there is something for everyone's taste to get to toast the new year † Good luck!