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Healthy week #9

Do something healthy every day this week.

Monday:not feeling well, still exercising?
You don't feel well. Maybe sports will help you. How do you know whether it is wise to exercise and what is the best thing to do? Read the tips.

Tuesday:stand a little more often
Standing for a minute burns 0.7 calories. That doesn't sound like much, but do the math:standing for an hour burns 42 calories. If you stand for three hours every five days, you burn an extra 630 calories per week. Read our tips for standing more.

Wednesday:safe blasting
Are you going to watch or set off fireworks on New Year's Eve? Also protect your ears. We raffle NoNoise earplugs to prevent hearing damage.

Thursday:indoor sports
Don't have the energy to drag yourself outside to exercise? With these 4 tips you can simply get started at home.

Friday:smarter snacking
Do you eat three healthy meals a day, but go wrong with snacks? These 5 snacking strategies will help you snack smarter.

Saturday:tasty recipes
Most people have more dinners than average on the agenda in December. Search our recipes for inspiration for dishes you can make.

Sunday:healthy inspiration from Santé
Do you already follow Santé on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? This way you get healthy inspiration from us every day.

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