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Drinking enough water:this is how you do it

Drinking enough water:this is how you do it

Should you drink more water? With these tips you will get the 1.5 liters per day.

Did you know… 1 in 3 Dutch people drink too little water.

1. Put a bottle of water in your bag
You always have water at hand, making it easier to drink regularly. Half a liter fits in a small bottle, drink three empty and you have reached the one and a half liters.

2. Get used to drinking at set times
Drink before eating, after going to the toilet or choose another fixed moment. This makes drinking a habit.

3. Drink from a larger glass
Do you drink water regularly, but do you use a small glass? Swap it for a bigger one, so you almost automatically drink more.

4. Use an app
There are several apps that keep track of when you should drink. An example from the offer? Water your body via Google Play and iTunes.

Are you able to drink 1.5 liters of water a day?

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