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Facts about your cycle

Is there such a thing as a fake cycle, what is the effect of swallowing the pill and what about PMS exactly? Here are lots of tidbits about your cycle.

Working together with your cycle

Living according to your cycle is not a panacea that makes short work of all inconveniences. “But it makes it all a lot easier,” says Anke Verhagen, who has written several books about menstruation. “If you map your cycle, you know which needs your body has at what time. That means you can respond to it. Instead of letting others determine what you do at what time, you start working with your body. If you know that you are very tired in the first week, you can plan a day off in advance in that week. In the second week you are often very energetic, so you can do a lot of things:make appointments, work many hours.”

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Living according to your cycle

If you live according to your cycle, that gives a lot of peace. Not only do you understand better why nothing gets out of your hands at certain times of the month, but you can also better explain it to those around you. Suppose that in your fourth week you can be quite unbearable, then it is useful if your partner knows that it is better to keep his mouth shut now and then. By stating that you are in a lesser week of your cycle, the people around you can take this into account. And that also makes it more pleasant for you. We can't make the cycle more fun, but we can make it easier!

Fake Cycle

The contraceptive pill contains chemical hormones that 'flatten' your natural cycle. What arises is a 'fake cycle'. You would think:then you don't suffer from mood swings. That is indeed the case with some women, but there are also women who feel flatter or more somber, others have less desire to have sex.

Take PMS into account

If you experience severe physical and mental complaints in the week prior to your period, this is called PMS. This is due to the hormone changes that are taking place in your body at that moment. The estrogen level has fallen sharply and there is too little progesterone in your body. This ensures that you can feel very bad, sometimes even to depressive symptoms. Nutritional deficiencies or a lot of stress at work or at home can cause an extra imbalance, which can result in general malaise. If you suffer from this every month, it is wise to knock on the door of your doctor. He or she can see what can be done to provide relief.

Swallow the pill

What can contribute to your feeling of comfort is to keep taking the pill. You will not have breakthrough bleeding, which can be pleasant. In addition, you have a constant supply of hormones throughout the month, which reduces the chance of mood swings. Many women do not dare to swallow the pill alone, because this would be bad for you. Nonsense, according to gynecologist Bongers. “Many women think that the blood will still remain somewhere, but that is a misunderstanding. If you swallow the pill, less mucous membrane is produced that does not have to be shed. We don't know what the long-term effect is, simply because the pill hasn't been around that long. As it stands, it is safe for women to do this for a long period of time.”

Source:Santé January 2020, text:Fleur Baxmeier