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5 unknown facts about apples

5 unknown facts about apples

You sink your teeth into this fresh fruit every now and then and know that it contains the necessary vitamins. That's already a win! But you probably didn't know these crazy facts about apples.

There are people who are afraid of apples and that condition has a name. Grab an apple and read on.

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It's a mouth full. If you suffer from this phobia, you are afraid of apples or even all fruits! The sight of it can make you tremble. And food is completely problematic.

Family of…

The Rose! The apple belongs to the rose family. And in the same family you will also find peaches and pears, for example.


Are you also a fan of apple cider vinegar? About 12 apples are needed to make 1 liter.


Two-thirds of all the fiber and /health/lists-and-tips/how-to-work-antioxidants/antioxidants that an apple contains, is in the peel. So think twice before peeling it off to throw it away.


There are so many different types of apples! How many can you name?