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Yellow Rings Under The Arms:Finally A Simple Tip To Make Them Disappear.

White t-shirts often have yellow patches under the sleeves.. .

It's normal and you're not the only one with these halos!

Sometimes I don't even notice that I've sweated and they appear.

These yellow stains are due to perspiration and deodorant.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective trick to remove those traces of perspiration from white linen.

The trick is to spray lemon juice on it before washing . Watch:

  • How to
  • Result

How to

1. Squeeze fresh lemon juice.

2. Pour it into a spray bottle.

3. Spray pure lemon juice on the halos.

4. Leave on for at least 15 min.

5. Machine wash your garment as usual.


And There you go ! The yellow halos of perspiration have completely disappeared from your clothes :-)

Easy, fast and economical, right? It's still cleaner that way!

This trick works for any white or colored clothing, including t-shirts, shirts, and even white tablecloths.

You can store the lemon juice in the fridge in the sprayer to treat other clothes during the week.