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How to Easily Clean Gas Stove Burners.

How to Easily Clean Gas Stove Burners.

As the days go by, the meals follow one another, and with them, the cooking of all kinds.

The saucepans overflowed, the frying pans threw grease all over the place...

And all this ends up resisting the blows of the sponge.

Hurry to our cheap tip for cleaning the burners of a gas stove.

The simple and effective trick to remove all the dirt embedded in blackened metal is to use white vinegar.

Here's how to easily clean your gas stove and burners. Watch:

How to Easily Clean Gas Stove Burners.

How to

This good old grandma trick is easy to do :

1. Take a basin or a bucket.

2. Fill the basin with white vinegar.

3. Soak the dirty burner(s) in the white vinegar overnight.

4. Upon awakening, the vinegar has done its job. All you have to do is remove the last impurities under the tap or with a sponge.

5. Finally, put your burners back on the gas stove.


And that's it, with this trick, it's over, the burners are like new :-)

Simple, practical and effective!

And you don't even have to scrub for hours to strip the burners !

The acidity of vinegar did all the work for you. There is no better way to clean your gas burners!

It's still cleaner that way, isn't it?

You won't find it easier to maintain your gas cooker (Mièle, Vedette, Proline, etc.).

The good news is that not only does this thing clean the stove tops, nozzles or burner supports...

But it will also unclog the burners!

And it also works for cleaning cast iron or aluminum gas burners.

Note that you can also use this trick to clean the cast iron grates of the gas stove.

But that's not all...

It is quite possible to clean a burnt dripping pan, an enameled cast iron plancha in this way.

Are your pans blackened from gas? You can also soak them in this pickling bath.

Bonus tip

While the burners are soaking, spray a white vinegar product on the stove.

The dirt will disintegrate and the cooker will be disinfected, along with the burners during the night.

Savings achieved

To clean the burners of your gas stove, you do not need to use specialized products or expensive corrosive scouring creams.

The vinegar cleaned your burners on its own, and it saved you the price of one or more spray or bottle products, which are worth between 5 and 10 €.

A bottle of white vinegar is not expensive:it's worth less than €2 . There is no picture! And besides, it also works for cleaning the microwave.

Your turn...

You've tried this grandma's trick to clean really dirty burners ? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!