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Living room storage ideas; 10x inspiration for tidying up nicely

Imagine your house is on fire. Not a good idea, I know, but what would you really want to save from the flames? And do you have those things right at hand? With these storage ideas you at least know where to look for them.

We all have a lot of stuff. Some are extremely valuable… if only because of the emotional value they have. But of course we also have a lot of less popular stuff. The solution? Minimize:tidy up and get rid of stuff. However, that sounds simpler than it seems. Are you more into keeping than throwing away? Then go for one of the creative storage ideas below!

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The best storage ideas to tidy up

Almost all of us have a bulging attic, cellar or shed. Not surprising, because reducing consumption is really a profession in its own right, but with the right storage ideas you can go a long way. Are your surplus items also simply moved up a floor? Or banished to the garage? We recognize that:really cleaning up and getting rid of things is sometimes more difficult than it seems. Maybe it's a little easier if you know that you make someone else happy with it? You can of course always donate toys and clothing. You can usually dispose of other items at the thrift store. Take a garbage bag with you for the things that can really go away. Do you have any left now? Then those are your favorite things that you should be careful with <3 .

Of course you don't have to get rid of everything. If your house is big enough. Lack of space? No worries:luckily there are plenty of creative storage ideas to turn your junk room into a usable room again.


Some of the storage ideas below come from JYSK . They have a wide range of trendy storage furniture that is also very affordable. And that is always welcome! We also spotted some DIY on Pinterest, found stuff in a second-hand store and sniffed at IKEA and also VTwonen.

Storage ideas living room that are functional and beautiful

Our pantry usually consists of a subtle door under the stairs. Handy, such a secret corner where you can put all your stuff. But there are also countless storage ideas that can simply remain in the middle of the room. A metal wall rack, for example. Always handy (especially if your more subtle storage spaces are already completely full), and beautiful too! JYSK has the necessary items that fit very nicely in our interior in terms of design and perhaps also in yours.

There are few people for whom cleaning up is really a hobby. Can't see the forest for the trees anymore? Then read our blog with 10 tips for a tidy house. Is it just a matter of lack of storage space? Then that is an excellent reason to go shopping. Take a look at the storage ideas below.

1. Cleaning up becomes a party with the Ingersby from JYSK

Multifunctional and a nice piece of affordable design. You get that when you go for this storage system from JYSK. It consists of an MDF board and a set of bamboo sticks. You insert these yourself in the desired places in the board, and that is how you create your own custom storage system. Officially it is a coat rack, but of course you can use it everywhere. From your office to the kitchen. The Ingersby, as it is baptized, certainly belongs to the top in the category of storage and storage ideas in my opinion.

Tip:Place several next to or below each other and you get a beautiful wall!

2. Baskets in your interior; handy and beautiful to store

A classic among storage ideas:a basket. It all started with the laundry basket. But there is plenty of choice in very beautiful baskets that you can simply put in plain sight. And even easier:go for a two-in-one solution. You can also use this basket as a side table. Highly recommended for people with a chronic lack of space. Just make sure it doesn't get cluttered in this basket. A few magazines, some logs or folded blankets are fine, but nothing else. There are plenty of nice copies to be found for not too much money.

Need some more clutter to store? Then go for a nice closed basket like the one below. Oh, and tell your kids that this basket is not intended for their coats, they belong to the children's coat rack of course. It should also be clear that you should take your storage ideas into account, especially in a small living room, and that it is smart to delete unnecessary items from your interior.

3. Drawers at your fingertips

Something we don't have at the moment, but what I actually miss is just a simple drawer in your coffee table. Paper guides are no longer used these days, I think, but it is still handy for your remote control and, for example, some beer coasters or something like that.

And when I look at this design, so very sleek and minimalistic, it just makes me happy. But of course there are many more examples.

4. Working with boxes; wine boxes, fruit boxes, potato boxes

I myself have stacked boxes on top of each other and put the tower on wheels, like the one below. Very handy because it becomes a mobile unit, but I also think the boxes are very nice to attach to the wall. But of course you can also pimp your Ikea closet for a new look.

It is certainly creative and if you also make intermediate shelves, you can store a lot of things as you can see. Give the boxes a partial color that matches your interior and you are provided with very creative storage ideas!

5. Your troop can go up the tree

A nice eye-catcher that all coats lying around are allowed in. Or the clothes of your children that they can wear again after one day. Please don't throw it on the ground, but just hang it neatly in the tree.

With the Sejs coat rack you get a nice piece of minimalist Scandinavian design into your home. Also available from JYSK by the way. And you don't have to be afraid of overhanging branches... because this tree coat rack is nice and compact.

6. Storage bag and play mat, or just a fashionable junk bag

Looking for trendy storage ideas? They are totally hip:storage bags. We already wrote about the Play &Go storage bag. A storage bag and play mat in one. Are you also looking for such a handy storage bag? Then we have also found a very nice copy for adults 😉 . You can use it as a laundry bag, but also just to put in all the things that are now randomly swinging through the room. And such a beautiful storage bag can then simply remain in the room, isn't it?

7. Pallets in your living room

Do you have a narrow space available where there is actually no room for a deep cupboard? Are you short of space for some books and other trinkets? Then the above storage ideas are ideal for your living room. All you have to do is make intermediate shelves and give it a lick of paint. Although the latter may not even be necessary, it depends a bit on your interior. A super bookcase if you ask me!

And lighting makes it all the more special.

8. Cool storage ideas

A great rack

Tidying up does not always mean that everything should be out of sight. This sturdy storage rack ensures a perfectly tidy look, while everything is still in sight. Industrial looking with a cool name, namely Ravnkilde. Enough shelves to store everything and for a good price. Not entirely unimportant either.

Army Chests

I myself have a weakness for army chests when it comes to tough. We have 2 sturdy army chests at home where all the dog's belongings are stored, such as toys, food, bones, brushes and so on.

Rolling table from Ikea

Also such an ideal thing, these baskets on wheels. I must honestly say that I regularly have to muck out the baskets because they serve as a garbage container with us 😛 . But at least it cleans up easily and can be mucked out when I have the time and/or feel like it again. I even have two at home. One for the kitchen (the example above) and one for all Lotte's craft supplies, which are in the office. Definitely belongs to the handy storage ideas in this article.

9. Nice brackets; useful and for decoration

Hooks on the wall always work well. Simply hanging something up is of course indispensable. And that goes from your kitchen apron, potholders and tea towels in the kitchen to scissors and a piece of string in the office. Or, for example, some of your favorite bags in your bedroom.

In the living room I don't need storage ideas to hang anything, but I loved this example so much that I wanted to include it in this article. A nice DIY if you ask me and it is on the list to make. Even though I don't know what I'm going to put on it yet. A plant or something I think.

The way of using parentheses below is also nice and simple.

10. Damn what a handy rack

A handy alternative to an extra wardrobe:go for a clothes rack! Very nice for when clothes are regularly lying around. If you go for a stylish rack, it doesn't matter at all that there is no closed cabinet, right? We spotted this copy at VT wonen. But don't be alarmed, it's not very cheap.

If you can fit a slightly more extensive clothing rack, the JENNET below from JYSK is also a very nice one and it is a lot cheaper.

Anyway, I hope we have been able to give you some nice storage ideas and that you can get started with this inspiration. I'd love to hear what you think!