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Tips for styling tulips for Easter

It's Easter again on April 17 and 18! Time to have a nice breakfast or brunch together. Make it festive by, for example, putting yellow and white tulips on the table. Or choose your favorite colors. With their egg-shaped flowers, tulips immediately provide an… extra happy Easter!


Whichever vase you put tulips in… styling is a breeze. The flowers are so stubborn that they automatically stand in their happiest position. A bunch of tulips is therefore never static or boring. One flower points to the right, the other to the left. In addition, height differences often arise in the bouquet because tulips still grow a little bit in the vase.


As the flowering period progresses, tulips bend and hang gracefully over the vase. Do you want them to stand upright for as long as possible? Then put them in a vase for half an hour after purchase with the wrapping paper or sleeve still tight around it. Then the stems have sucked themselves up with water, they are firmer and you can remove the paper. You can also combine tulips with some spring branches from your own garden. They provide the flower with support and give a bouquet extra height.

Tulips Bomb

You can easily bend tulip stems into special shapes. It does not matter what kind of tulip you use. The trick is to 'dry out' the tulip first. The stem then becomes limp and you can easily drape the flowers in a glass bowl. This creates a spectacular 'tulip bomb'. The more tulips in the bowl, the bigger the spring explosion. Make sure the bottom of the stem is submerged in water. The tulip fills itself again, becomes firm and retains its curved shape.

Egg shape

Besides in a vase, you can also use tulips as a festive garnish. For example on a plate with Easter bread or cake. To do this, cut off the tulip just below the 'cup'. The egg shape of the flower is emphasized in this way. Place them nonchalantly on the dish and combine with chocolate eggs in the same color tones.

Care tips

Tulips are easy flowers. Important for a long vase life is a clean vase and clear water. Cut the stems diagonally so that they can absorb the moisture well and regularly check the water level in the vase. Top up if necessary.

Photo credits:iBulb