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Summer kitchen:5 tips for a successful layout

Summer kitchen:5 tips for a successful layout

Ultimate symbol of conviviality, the summer kitchen becomes a real living space as soon as the fine weather arrives:it is conducive to the creation of lasting memories to enjoy with family or friends.

On the terrace, in the garden or by the swimming pool, it guarantees a relaxed and warm atmosphere around simple values. Given its important role, it should be properly arranged.


Taking pleasure in simmering your dishes in the sun is the new summer trend. But who says cooking in the summer, also says protection against the sun and the rain. To avoid possible sunstroke first, but also to protect your equipment properly.

Also, you need to think about the best location for your outdoor kitchen. If you are already lucky enough to own a lean-to, a shed or a garden shed, no problem arises. Otherwise, you will have to consider building a shelter. This gives you the opportunity to install your kitchen near the swimming pool or any other nerve center of your garden. Also make sure that the ground is spacious enough to accommodate your installation and that the ground is stable for the installation of your equipment.


The location is also to be defined according to the ancillary works. A location near the house is ideal because it will be necessary to provide the necessary extensions to the water and electricity networks. It is not uncommon to see elaborate constructions around a water point already available in the garden. If you don't need hot water, this solution will make your life easier. As for the sink, it must be connected to the drainage network.

Fixed or mobile

Unfortunately, not all regions enjoy a mild climate all year round. Faced with this reality, the use of the outdoor kitchen will be of a very limited duration. Is it worth building a fixed installation? A relevant question that pushes many people to opt for a nomadic kitchen that can be assembled and disassembled at will. Here, furniture on wheels will equip the premises:nomadic barbecue, trolley on wheels to store lids, grills and utensils, not to mention folding tables and chairs. For people who are lucky enough to live in a sunny region almost all year round, a solid construction is essential. It also brings added value to the house in general.

The choice of equipment

Whether rustic, modern or more contemporary, the summer kitchen must be equipped like a real kitchen to ensure your comfort.

Summer kitchen:5 tips for a successful layout Today, the classic barbecue is no longer the only essential piece of equipment. The whole point of having an outdoor kitchen is to have the possibility of concocting your dishes without fearing the inconvenience caused by smoke. The woks, roasting pans and planchas are yours. To complete your arsenal, also opt for pizza ovens, a worktop and a sink or dishwasher to simplify cleaning.

The material and the style

Two major trends are observed in terms of summer kitchen:modern facilities with the best equipment and more rustic and traditional kitchens. If you plan to offer a resolutely contemporary look to your kitchen, go to the side of specialized manufacturers betting on specific materials such as aluminum with very sought-after and rigorous shapes. The equipment is high tech with a cooking piano and a high-pressure jet stainless steel sink.

The rustic kitchen for its part is adorned with raw materials such as brick, wood or stone. With this style, recovery and recycling are often the watchwords. A few objects found here and there are revisited to find their place in traditional kitchens.