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Do you dream of a tidy kitchen?

Do you dream of a tidy kitchen?

When creating or redesigning the kitchen, we tend to be mainly concerned with the walls, the flooring or the lighting. However, storage furniture also plays a very important role. Do you know how to choose them well?

Bet on chests of drawers

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house where we pile up the most accessories and objects, especially if the places also serve as a dining room. As a result, setting up a storage system can simply turn into a headache, especially if you also have to take into account the lack of space.

And lately, for the sake of ergonomics, speed and practicality, traditional furniture with hinged doors has given way to models equipped with drawers. With shock absorber, ball or roller, the drawer slide makes handling lighter and more comfortable. Simple pressure with the knee or with the hand is often enough to trigger their opening or to activate their closing.

In addition, these sliding storage systems also ensure better safety for users, insofar as these drawers are for the most part equipped with a blocking device thus preventing their box from coming out of their rails. Moreover, as soon as the slides are worn, it is quite possible to change them. Marketed at reasonable prices, these parts are easily found on the market and can even be ordered online.

Now, concerning the most purchased models of drawer furniture, it is those with columns that are popular today. Nesting in small spaces, or even corners, they offer large storage capacities. In addition, with this configuration, it is quite possible to properly compartmentalize each floor. Levels can, for example, be entirely devoted to pots and pans, while others will accommodate molds or oven dishes.

Furniture styles and materials

Do you dream of a tidy kitchen?

However, kitchen furniture is not only functional, but can also be transformed into a real decorative element, if selected with taste and aesthetics. Just like the colors of the wall or the patterns of the floor, the furnishings can also have a lot of influence on the mood of the room. And very good news, the style possibilities are numerous.

There are no constraints or rules to follow, the staging of the general tone of the kitchen is left to the appreciation of each owner, according to the personalities and aspirations of each. However, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Thus, for those who dream of a rustic and warm kitchen, they are advised to invest in wooden furniture. Cupboard, cupboard or dresser… Insofar as the material will be continuously subjected to humidity and temperature variations, hard species such as mahogany, oak, cherry and chestnut will be preferred. Otherwise, less expensive, melamine and laminate perfectly imitate the aspects, but also the colors of wood. Materials that are also extremely light and therefore very easy to set up.

Finally, modern, contemporary and even professional kitchens absolutely use stainless steel materials. Impermeable to external aggressions and requiring very little maintenance, stainless steel fits easily into a sleek or Scandinavian style kitchen. Just like tempered glass which stands out for its elegance and class but also for its high cost compared to other materials.