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My Complete Breakfast with Formula 1 Café Latte – Herbalife Nutrition

In this holiday season, I decided to rethink my breakfast ritual by discovering Formula 1 Café Latte – Herbalife Nutrition . This new tasty recipe rich in vitamins and minerals; is perfect to taste in this winter season. A creamy drink gluten-free and suitable for vegans ; which is perfect for my food intolerances . As a bonus, every morning, it is super quick to prepare. All you need is a shaker, 250 ml of vegetable milk and two spoonfuls of Formula 1 Coffee Latte ; and presto, voila! Discovery.

My balanced and tasty breakfast with Herbalife Nutrition

In order to take care of myself and above all not to skip the breakfast stage, Formula 1 Café Latte – Herbalife Nutrition is an ideal drink to enjoy in the morning.
A real substitute for a classic breakfast meal, Formula 1 Coffee Latte gives me with each serving 9 gr of vegetable protein, 4g of fiber; as well as a cocktail of 25 vitamins and minerals . Gluten-free, no artificial colors or flavors; it is the perfect drink to link well-being and health. A nutritious and easy-to-prepare meal; which goes hand in hand with my dynamic lifestyle.

Low calorie (222 cal – per drink) , the Formula 1 allows me to fill up on energy in minutes of prep time. It's tasty and healthy, since the formula contains 100% natural flavors and colorings . Additionally, if my schedule is busy; I can carry my drink in a shaker to taste it in a taxi for example.

My bespoke drink…

So, my breakfast ritual has changed! The drink is very good, light; and I can add the spices I want such as cinnamon and cocoa .

Indeed, during this festive period, I made a homemade recipe with Formula 1 Café Latté – Herbalife Nutrition .
So I mixed in a shaker 250 ml of rice milk, a sachet of Café Latte Formula 1 . Then, I enhanced my drink with whole cane sugar , walnut crackers and cocoa powder … A treat!

My breakfast with Herbalife Nutrition meets my dietary expectations brilliantly. Herbalife places nutrition at the heart of the development of its products and it's really a success. References Herbalife Nutrition are available through a network of independent distributors (direct sales). A process that allows independent sellers to offer customers personalized and tailor-made support .

There are so many good reasons to be curious and discover this drink Coffee Latte to keep fit during the holidays. In addition, new flavors will be released in 2019!

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