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The jeans trends 2017

Discover the jeans trends 2017. Jeans are the all-time favorite of young and old. Easy to combine and wear to the most diverse occasions. These jeans are a must-have for 2017.

Mom jeans

Mom jeans are totally hot this year. Recognizable by the high waist, so that a tummy can be concealed perfectly. Not only suitable for mothers, but the ideal jeans for anyone who likes comfort. The mom jeans model is often combined with one of the 2017 jeans trends below. You can therefore choose destroyed mom jeans or, for example, flared jeans.

Printed jeans

Prints are one of the absolute fashion trends 2017. The trend is also continuing in jeans, because printed jeans are the answer. Choose a print with the popular polka dots, trendy stars that are all over the place this year or go for a different print. With these pants you make the jeans the real eye-catcher of your outfit.

Rolled legs

Aren't you blessed with long legs? Don't worry, this year you don't have to shorten the legs of your pants. You just turn the pipes and you're done. Turned-up trouser legs add a bit of playfulness to your outfit. Ideal to combine with a nice blouse or a trendy oversized shirt to finish it off.

Flared jeans

This trend from the 70s, the so-called wide-leg pants, is back. Flared jeans are characterized by flared legs (at the bottom). They are the perfect jeans to create endlessly long legs. Particularly beautiful in combination with sneakers, but even more elegant if you add a pair of high heels. This also increases the effect of beautiful long legs.

Cropped kick flare jeans

Don't you feel like walking around with long flared jeans? Then the jeans trend 2017 where you wear cropped kick flared jeans is made for you. These are three-quarter pants that have flared legs at the bottom. The striking bootcut jeans are best combined with a pair of stylish boots and matching socks in the winter. In the summer your ankles can be seen and you can endlessly combine the pants with many shoes.

Deconstructed jeans

A trend that already made its appearance in 2016 and now seems to really be a hit. The deconstructed jeans consist of different fabrics, washes or have double pockets. The jeans are a must for the trendsetter who knows how to perfectly combine the striking design. Are you handy with a needle and thread? Then you could also start creating deconstructed jeans yourself.

Frayed jeans

Fringes are back and how. Whether to bags LINK!!!! Whether jeans go, fringes make for the ultimate look. Are your pants too long? Don't worry, grab the scissors and cut them to the desired length. And those fringes you see after washing? Those are totally hot! Of course you can also just buy the frayed jeans in the store, so that you don't have to get started yourself.

The jeans trends 2017

After seeing the jeans trends 2017, which jeans will you choose this year? Will it be the frayed, flaired or the mom jeans? Let me know.