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rough knees

Give your dry and rough knees some love.

Daily care
With a daily lick of body lotion, they quickly recover, but some knees remain dry and flaky.

How do you keep your knees soft?
Start the day in the shower with a mild body scrub and massage it into your knees. Do you use shower oil? Then let it work well on your legs. After rinsing and drying, you can apply a cream or dry oil, this prevents moisture loss and new flakes.

Don't forget to rub your knees with sunscreen. UV radiation causes skin aging and that makes the skin around your knees 'wrinkly' even faster. For an even smoother skin, place a tube of (night) cream on the bedside table. When you sit on the edge of your bed, rub both your hands and knees. And immediately take your elbows with you.