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Is pus from pimples contagious?

More than 50 percent of the Dutch think that pus from a pimple is contagious. But is it true that you get more pimples from squeezing them and that you can infect others with them?

Is it contagious?

To immediately dispel a great lie:pus from a pimple is not contagious. So you can safely kiss someone with a pimple and you won't get new pimples yourself.

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Emergence of a pimple

A pimple is caused by an inflammatory reaction around the hair and sebaceous gland complex. This is mainly because the sebaceous gland is clogged. This can be due to dirt, make-up residue or flaking skin cells. As a result, the sebum cannot get out properly, so that it accumulates and the pimple develops.

Squeeze or leave it alone?

The most common reason people pop pimples is because of shame. However, it is not wise to squeeze pimples. While pressing, you are not only pushing the sebum outwards, but also inwards. This creates a subcutaneous inflammation, which only makes the situation worse and you can also get scars. Stand a little further from the mirror. From afar you will see that the pimple is not that bad. So don't touch it!

Does the sun help against pimples?

It is often thought that the sun helps against pimples. Nothing is less true. It seems like it is getting less as the skin gets browner. But only the red becomes less visible. Sunlight has not been scientifically proven to help. In contrast:the stratum corneum of the skin thickens due to the sun, which causes blackheads to develop more quickly.

Do you ever suffer from pimples? Perhaps these tips will help:

  • Use clean makeup brushes
  • Try to touch your face as little as possible.
  • Clean your phone
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink enough water