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O help, my hair is too thin!

Step 1:treatment.

Skip over-nourishing care for dry hair, which weighs down the shaft and gives limp hair from the knee. Use volume duo, shampoo + conditioner or mask. Wow! that works ! Their job:to inflate the fiber with their small muscular arms. Rinse the shampoo well for three minutes otherwise =there are residues that cause the soufflé to fall before it has even risen. Apply the treatment to the lengths and ends and massage in with your fingers. Then, comb in all directions to distribute the product over the entire hair =this avoids putting too much at the root while swelling the entire length. The care tip:once a week, use a special hair scrub (from Carita for example) which airs the scalp and loosens the root.

Step 2:styling.

Here, above all, stay lazy. If you work your hair too much, it will have all the advantages of a pancake (=flat). The important thing? Few gestures, but the right ones:pre-dry your mane with a towel then distribute a small amount of thickening lotion (no mousse, too difficult to work with or fixing spray, which works). Lift the hair with your hands and immediately heat the root with the tip of the hair dryer. Finish by brushing the ends a few strokes. Stop! We stop there. To stay inflated until the next shampoo.