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What food supplements to promote hair growth?

Why use food supplements for hair growth?

Throughout our lives, our hair is put to the test. Stress, fatigue, maternity, pollution, diet… All these factors have a direct influence on our hair fiber. It is therefore important to have a healthy lifestyle, to sleep well and to listen to your body. It is essential to do home care regularly to nourish your hair. Food supplements are particularly effective in overcoming certain deficiencies. Iron, magnesium, vitamins and proteins are essential elements for healthy hair! Often in the form of capsules, these supplements allow the hair to grow faster, to be more resistant and stronger.

Brewer's yeast, an essential dietary supplement

To accelerate hair growth, there are many products on the market. Better to use one or two effective natural food supplements, rather than many placebo capsules. Brewer's yeast is known for its health benefits, and in particular on the hair fiber. Rich in vitamin B, it stimulates the scalp thanks to its active ingredients. Also composed of selenium, brewer's yeast makes hair shinier and less dry. It helps to fight against external aggressions by stimulating keratin. If you want to gain a few centimeters quickly, take a beer yeast cure! It is available in different forms on the market. In capsules, tablets, it is also possible to find them in food flakes to put directly on certain dishes.

Soy lecithin promotes hair growth

To take care of your hair and give tone to dull hair, soy lecithin is an excellent dietary supplement. This substance, present in eggs, revitalizes the lengths. Rich in protein, it reduces hair loss and brings vigor to fragile hair. Like royal jelly or honey, this supplement replenishes fiber and cells. It is possible to consume it from time to time, or more intensely to promote hair growth!

Food supplements based on pollen

Pollen is a dietary supplement that has many qualities. Rich in proteins, amino acids, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins, it has everything to breathe new life into your hair. It prevents hair loss, but above all it stimulates growth! The scalp is purified, dandruff is easily eliminated, and the lengths are shinier.