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The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

Ah, beauty boxes (beauty boxes in English) - you become addicted to it! It must be said that the concept is well found. The promise of these little boxes? Surprise their subscribers every month with a selection of beauty products , lifestyle accessories, fashion, etc. But then, how do you find yourself among the jungle of beauty boxes and choose the one that will really suit you? We tell you everything in this comparative organic beauty box !

What is a beauty box?

A beauty box - or “beauty box”, is simply a box that contains a small assortment of beauty products.

The main purpose of these boxes:to introduce subscribers to new treatments every month. Most of the time, beauty boxes offer beauty products in travel size - which allows subscribers to test them before buying. This does not prevent beauty boxes from occasionally offering products in sale format (“full size”).

These little boxes usually work through a monthly subscription system. (the price of a monthly subscription is on average between 10 and 30 €).

Most beauty boxes are distinguished by their surprise effect :the subscriber does not know the content of the box he is about to receive (unless he chooses to spoil himself by doing research on his own). A fun way to give yourself self-to-self gifts punctually 🎁 #selfcare!

💡 For cosmetics brands, beauty boxes are a communication channel of choice, which can guarantee them good visibility with a well-targeted audience.

Our comparison of beauty boxes on the market

From the general beauty box to the lifestyle beauty box, including the organic beauty box highlighting natural cosmetics:today there are boxes for all tastes!

In this beauty box comparison , we wanted to offer a selection illustrating the variety of offers available on the market today.

⚠️ Of course, this comparison of beauty boxes is not exhaustive:today there are nearly 300 boxes in the field...

Nuoo, the organic and accessible beauty box

The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

Put naturalness back at the heart of beauty . This is our mission at Nuoo 🌱. To achieve this, we offer two things:an e-shop that brings together the best organic and natural nuggets , as well as a beauty box! In our pretty box, what do we find? Each month, the Nuoo box contains 4 healthy and natural beauty discoveries (we take great care to choose products adapted to the beauty profile of our subscribers), and a magazine.

To vary the pleasures, each Nuoo box follows a different theme (the January 2022 box was called “La Cocooning”, the December 2021 box “La Festive”, etc).

Where Nuoo stands out? We offer ONLY natural products , good for the skin and health. In the magazine that we slip into our boxes, we give our beauty advice, our recipes, our favorites... As we would to a friend or a sister.

As a bonus, the cardboard box of our box is itself eco-responsible !

Complete a beauty questionnaire and receive or not make-up in your box, according to your preferences.

💰 How much does it cost?

The Nuoo box is available from €16.90/month , delivery included (a decreasing price is offered for annual subscriptions). Cherry on the cake ? All Nuoo subscribers benefit from a 10% discount on the e-shop.

💡 The monthly subscription is non-binding , therefore cancellable at any time.

Blissim, the essential women's beauty box

The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

We no longer present Blissim (ex Birchbox)! Created in 2011, the box shares its discoveries with its subscribers every month. How ? By selecting 5 beauty miniatures each time (travel size) according to the beauty profile of the subscriber.

💰 How much does it cost?

The Blissim box costs €13.90/month, delivery included.

All Blissim subscribers benefit from a discount on the e-shop . As a bonus, Blissim offers loyalty points with each purchase on the site (boxes included). For example, subscribing to a box offers 10 loyalty points each month. Subscribers can then convert the points accumulated into gift(s) on the brand's Reward Shop.

💡 The Blissim monthly subscription is non-binding.

Biotyfull box:the 100% organic cosmetic box

The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

As its name suggests, the Biotyfull box (Beautiful box /organic... Do you have it?) is above all an organic beauty box . His ambition? Offer the best of French Organic/Natural Cosmetics. Like Nuoo, Biotyfull box offers different themes each month. In January 2022, for example, the box was called "La Cosmique".

All the products put forward are made in France, and must respect the charter of Biotyfull box.

💰 How much does it cost?

Biotyfull box subscription with commitment:€32.90/month

Non-binding subscription:€39.90/month

💡 The monthly subscription is non-binding.

Luxury brand box:the essential Prescription Lab

The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

The Prescription Lab box is defined as a premium beauty parenthesis . Inside, there is a product from the P.Lab Beauty brand, 3 products from partner brands (1 product in retail format and 2 miniature products), as well as a women's magazine, Le Prescriptor.

The specificity of Prescription Lab? This beauty box focuses on niche brands , or so-called “iconic” brands. The box also regularly collaborates with certain Premium and trendy fashion brands such as Louise Misha, Ysé

💰 How much does it cost?

The Prescription Lab box is available from €20.60/month , shipping fee included.

💡 The monthly subscription is non-binding.

My Little box:the make-up box but not only!

The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

This is perhaps the craziest beauty box, which combines the worlds of Beauty, Fashion &Decoration . Inside, there are 5 to 6 surprises every month (skincare, make-up, brands, jewellery, fashion, decoration and gadgets of all kinds...). Here too, the themes of the boxes change every month.

Note that the box regularly offers collaborations with very nice brands (Mac, Petite Mendigote, Estée Lauder, Soi Paris , etc).

💰 How much does it cost? My Little box is available from €17.90/month , delivery included - the annual subscription offers a decreasing rate.

💡 The monthly subscription is non-binding,


The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

Find the best products worldwide every month :this is the mission of Glossy Box (too bad for the Made in France …). Each month, the box offers to test 5 new beauty products (both in travel size and retail size). Here too, the themes of the boxes vary over the months!

💰 How much does it cost? The Glossybox is available from €12.50/month (with the annual subscription), delivery included.

💡 The monthly subscription is non-binding.

Box Evidence

The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

As an “obviousness”, this beauty box has chosen to focus on organic cosmetic products and natural. Inside, there is a selection of healthy products AND seasonal, carefully sorted by beauty experts. Each Box Evidence offers two organic cosmetic treatments, an organic make-up product and a small treat (organic, you'll understand) - all in full-size format.

💰 How much does it cost? The Box Evidence is available from €32.50/month , delivery included.

💡 The monthly subscription is non-binding.

Natural beauty

The comparison of beauty boxes 2022

Every month, the Box Bio Belle au Naturel offers its subscribers between 4 and 6 organic beauty products , in retail format. Wishing to advocate the return to natural beauty and slow , the box exclusively offers cosmetics Made in France of great quality. For example, all treatments are certified organic and cruelty free by serious labels such as Cosmébio , Ecocert, Organic Farming…

💰 How much does it cost? The Belle au naturel box is available from €29.90/month , delivery included.

💡 The monthly subscription is non-binding.

Beauty box which to choose:in conclusion

But then, faced with this multitude of offers, one could ask oneself:

"What is the best box",

"Which beauty box to choose?"

"My little box or beautiful box?"

"Birchbox or glossybox?"

The answer is simple:the best box is the one that offers beauty products that suit you. Well yes:the more your box will be tailor-made, the more you will use its products - and this is also a very good way to avoid waste!

Ask yourself "what products do I basically need?" or "what are the brands that I would dream of testing?". The better you know what you are looking for, the more you can make a thoughtful choice!

For example, if you like high-end or innovative products , Prescription Lab is the perfect box . If you have a thing for lifestyle goodies and collaborations, then My Little Box seems for you! If, finally, you are primarily looking for facial care natural with a good value for money , Nuoo is the ideal box.

Also note that there are many ways to exchange the products of the box that you do not use!