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How a Weekly Shopping List Helps You Save Money.

How a Weekly Shopping List Helps You Save Money.

Why do I always have my shopping list for the week when I do my classes ?

Shopping is really a chore that unfortunately you have to do at least once a week.

As soon as I enter a supermarket, I want to leave because I know that everything is done so that I spend a maximum.

Fortunately, I have a weapon in my pocket so that I don't buy anything and focus on the essentials:my shopping list for the week.

How a Weekly Shopping List Helps You Save Money.

  • How to
  • Result
  • Savings

How to

1. Plan all the meals for the week.

2. Detail the ingredients needed to make them.

3. Make your list on a sheet or your smartphone, from the corresponding ingredients.

4. Don't forget your list!


There you go, your shopping list helps you save money :-)

This littleshopping list is essential so that I can make good meals all week without spending too much.

Savings achieved

This trick is really incredible to avoid ending up with an overly inflated receipt.

With this trick, I think I save at least 10% every time I go to see my favorite cashier.

The superfluous is almost completely eliminated.

Of course, having my food shopping list in your pocket is also an excellent trick for planning the right amounts of food.