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The Easy Homemade Lemon Soap Recipe.

The Easy Homemade Lemon Soap Recipe.

Today I will share with you a great gift idea.

This homemade lemon and soda-free soap recipe smells amazing.

You'll see, you won't be able to do without it!

The lemon zest gives the soap a very pleasant texture and the lemon scent regenerates the skin of your hands.

With only 3 ingredients , this recipe is particularly easy to make.

It really is a great gift idea! Watch:

The Easy Homemade Lemon Soap Recipe.

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Of the ones I use, this easy recipe for making soap is by far my favorite.

I use a goat's milk base because this ingredient gives the soap freshness. Not to mention that it is available in many shops.

What I also like about this recipe, in addition to the delicious citrus scent that comes out of the soap, is that I don't need to add dyes. Lemon zest mixed with melted soap gives a natural yellow color.


- 365 ml goat's milk or shea butter soap base, cubed

- 4 to 6 drops of lemon essential oil

- the dried zest of 3 or 4 organic lemons

- silicone molds

How to

1. Cube the goat milk or shea soap base.

2. Put them in the microwave. For this step, I use a large pyrex measuring cup.

Note: With this recipe, I get 3 bars of soap and I used about 15 goat milk base cubes.

3. Melt the soap for about a minute. Add 15-30 seconds if not completely melted.

4. Once the soap cubes are liquefied, add the few drops of lemon essential oil and the lemon zest.

5. Mix well.

6. Pour the soap into the moulds.

7. Let harden for one hour.

8. Unmold the soap by gently pressing the mold.


There you go, your homemade lemon soap is ready :-)

You now know how to make soap without soda easily.

This super simple homemade soap recipe is truly THE gift that all moms will love!

Another idea, you can also make homemade soap sheets to give to those who like to go camping!

Bonus tip

If you want your soap to last longer, don't use lemon zest and use yellow dye so that your soap still has a yellow color (it's still more believable in yellow, isn't it?).

Indeed, the essential oil will perfume the soap enough without the need to use lemon zest.