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Food waste is expensive so how do you avoid it?

Food waste is like a hole in a wallet. Avoiding it is saving money for sure!

What to do with this opened bag of salad and this expired yoghurt? Do you also ask yourself this question?

And yes, food waste affects us all. Ademe has estimated the weight of food waste from each French person per year at 20kg!

To avoid asking yourself this question by opening your fridge and throwing less food in the trash, the technique is simple.

Before putting a product in your cart, check its expiry date. Often, you will find on the shelves for the same reference several expiry dates. Take the fresh product, that is to say the one with the furthest expiry date.

Shopping is all about technique.

Savings Achieved

Preparing your menus for the week well by making your shopping list is a great technique for calibrating what you are going to consume and therefore not throwing away.

Throwing away food is the last thing you want to do with 13% of the world's population suffering from undernourishment. It is certainly unacceptable. Economically, it's like throwing money not windows. In short, we positive, with a little organization, we will get there!