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How to Buy Chicken Cutlets at Half Price?

How to Buy Chicken Cutlets at Half Price?

1 knife + 1 chicken =2 cutlets at half price. Against the increase in my weight and the increase in prices, I decided to get my hands dirty with a trick that is very easy to do.

Ideal during a diet, chicken is a lean meat that offers protein and little fat. Provided you avoid the skin. The kids love it. So much so that we have every reason to consume it all year round.

Yes, but not at any price. Sometimes my wallet screams at me, "Make an exception. Chicken is cheap. Too bad if it's not organic."

Indeed, I would like to warn you right away:my tip is not organic, but some will put up with it... for lean days!

Just tackle a whole chicken that can currently be found for less than 4 euros per kilo in the supermarket, against more than 8 euros for cutlets, even in family packs and not organic either.

The cutlet is chicken breast

- Make sure you have a sharp knife. It's always nicer to carve meat, avoiding mince when you don't want it.

- Raw, delicately cut the 2 chicken breasts along the carcass. And presto, here are 2 cutlets half price! My little tip to not bother me is to cut the chicken cutlet once it's cooked, it's much easier to cut and it avoids touching the raw chicken.

- If you find them too thick, you can re-cut them in the thickness before cooking. Finer, they will cook more quickly.

- If you don't eat them the same day, you can freeze them, wrapping them in plastic wrap so they don't stick together. They can even be used on the barbecue this summer!

But what do we do with the thighs?

This is where we will find an interest in buying several chickens at once. If you're lucky enough to come across a "2 chickens for the price of 1" promo, jump on it. Because in a large oven, you can probably cook 2 or 4 chickens, without their breasts.

The idea being to not run the oven empty.
- Serve the thighs at the table.
- Skin the rest of the chickens, including the wings. Put in a Chinese soup or not, a salad, with cream, curry or Madeira and pasta, etc...
- Stop! Don't throw the carcasses away . The Chinese use it to prepare the broths of their next soups. So let's avoid ready-made bouillon cubes. Break up the carcasses so that they take up less space in a large pot. Immerse in at least 1 liter of water per carcass, salt, pepper, spices, onion, garlic, celery, carrot, and simmer for 1 to 2 hours. Then freeze the broth if needed to use it as a base for your next soup... lentils for example.

So, will it be Chicken Party this weekend at your house? Tell us in the comments.

Savings Achieved

As my grandmother (who loves escalopes) would say:"With a little elbow grease, you can do a lot of things."... and save a lot of money, Grandma!

For 8 euros you had 6 cutlets all ready.

And now, for 12 euros , you have 6 cutlets, 6 thighs and 3 to 6 portions of meat to put in soup or salad.

The half-price escalope, excluding promo, that's a good idea.