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Wedding Dress:5 Tips to Be the Most Beautiful Without Breaking the Bank.

D-Day is coming and still no wedding dress to match your expectations and adapted to your budget? Do not panic, here are 5 tips for finding a toilet that will mark the spirits and not your bank account.

To tell you the truth, the main and unmentionable reason why I plan to "tie the rope around my neck" one day is to have the opportunity to wear a magnificent white dress! What bride-to-be wouldn't dream of it? .

1. Buy it Off-Season

In winter, few couples put the ring on their finger. Specialized sellers are therefore taking advantage of the drop in demand to liquidate unsold items from the previous season and offer substantial discounts. Enjoy!

2. Websites

On the internet, bridal shops are flourishing where wedding items are offered at bargain prices. Dresses, accessories, etc. offers dresses from €99. Count between 200 and 300 € on average. Satisfied or your money back! displays its most refined models from €65, and offers a wide choice of cuts and styles with more than 1200 references. Count between 165 and 250 € on average.

3. Rent a Dress

Unthinkable in the past, it is now commonly accepted that you can rent your wedding dress. Intended to be worn only once, a rental dress is a very sensible solution. It's also an opportunity to crack for "couture" models that we wouldn't have been able to finance otherwise. offers the possibility of affording the dress of our dreams without hanging with the cords of the ballotin of sugared almonds. Most of the models have been unearthed from individuals, others are from the end of bridal shop collections. Count between 100 and 1000 € depending on the model, visible on the website and available at the Parisian address for a 3-day rental.

4. Recycle Mom's "Vintage" Wedding Dress

It was a tradition to bequeath from mother to daughter this garment symbolizing union. Since vintage is on the rise, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this alternative that is both economical and at the forefront of fashion. Beautiful embroidery, precious materials:a quick trip to a seamstress, a few accessories, and it will seem to have been sewn for you.

5. Divert a “Classic” Dress

If you are not very frilly, trains and other lace, it is possible to acquire a dress not labeled "wedding" to walk to the altar. White or another color, it will often have the advantage of being much cheaper than a real wedding dress. Sublimated with a few accessories, it will capsize the heart of your fiancé without accelerating the rhythm of that of your banker.

So ladies, ready to say yes, dressed like princesses at a lower cost? If you have any other tips for finding the dress of your dreams, let me know in the comments!

And they lived happily...