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With the Sales I Prepare my Gifts for the Whole Year!

The sales, I usually wait for them all year round.

Not necessarily to throw myself on the clothes like some, but rather to anticipate my gifts for the whole year to come!

Between birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or the births of my girlfriends' babies...

Hardly a month goes by without a gift to give.

Rather than buying piecemeal, at full price, a few years ago I opted for anticipation during the sales, summer and winter.

First step:scouting

From the start of the sales, I spot the small items that might appeal depending on the circumstances and which display attractive prices.

From shirts for my husband to a pair of earrings for my mum, to a cookbook for my little sister or a cute comforter for the birth of a baby, I don't hesitate to stock up.

Of course, it's not about buying for the sake of buying, but about getting ahead of the events to come.

It is therefore best to prepare a list with one or two gifts that can easily be purchased several months in advance and tick off as you go.

Second step:storage!

All that remains is to be disciplined:even if I am super happy with my gift, which I got at a very good price, it is out of the question to give it away immediately.

Otherwise, I ruin all my efforts.

The principle of sales and low prices is to stock up, to have everything on hand over the months.