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Do you want to start running? That's how you get off to a good start!

Want to start running? Take it well and build up carefully. Because a good start is half the battle!

Running is fun, but also very healthy. You have people who put on the running shoes for more fitness, fat burning and to lead a healthier lifestyle… others train for professional competitions, marathons or other special running rounds. Whichever way you do it, there are always some basic things to keep in mind.

We are therefore going to show you which factors play an important role for better performance, fewer injuries and a pleasant running experience.

The benefits of running

First of all, we will briefly explain why running is so good, which is why it enjoys so much popularity.

Running has the following benefits:

• You build up more stamina (condition)
• A positive effect on energy levels, reaction speed and mentality
• Provides less stress, more relaxation and better sleep
• Increases your resistance and a better immune system
• More social contacts (gym, outside or elsewhere)
• Running is basically inexpensive

5 things you need for running

Below you will find things you need for your run. You have the essentials that every rider needs, but also some optional tips…that give you something extra. They let you get the most out of your running training, but are not a bitter necessity.

1. Good running shoes are a must

For starters, good running shoes are really the most important part during your running efforts. A good pair of running shoes provides the best running experience, less chance of injuries and they usually last longer than other shoes. After all, they are specially designed for running long and intensive distances.

You really don't have to buy the most expensive shoes, but it is important that they fit well and feel perfect while walking (running).

An option is to have running shoes measured at a specialist store, but this is not necessary (but certainly for good running shoes).

2. Sufficient food and drink for the road

While running (and afterwards) it is very important that your body is sufficiently hydrated. When you run, you lose a lot of fluid and you will have to replenish it. It is best to take water or an energy drink for this (be careful which one you take).

You can also bring something to eat to get enough energy. You can think of a banana (many fruit sugars present), currant buns or something else that contains a lot of fast sugars. If you take a banana during or after running, the sugars will be released into your bloodstream within minutes to provide immediate energy.

So take something with you in any case, just to be sure.

3. Sportswear or at least something suitable for running

A flashy outfit is a “no-brainer” for some…but also choose sportswear suitable for running. You have different types of pants, t-shirts, socks, etc. from which you can choose. Go for running clothing that is not too sloppy, perspires (wicks away sweat and is airy) and of course is comfortable.

You can also choose to take bright colors or reflective clothing (or parts of it) to, for example, stand out in traffic during your late evening or nighttime runs.

Of course there are the well-known brands that excel in this, but also, for example, the discount stores now have a lot of these kinds of items on the shelves that you can use very well.

4. Running belt is optional

For most runners, running outside is Walhalla, but some also like to use a treadmill, for example.

You can also use a treadmill during a rain shower, to save time and convenience. There are even people who do both…for a change or when it's more convenient. It is also important to make the right choice in which treadmill you purchase.

Of course you can also go to the gym. It will of course cost you a monthly subscription. Owning your own treadmill is cheaper in the long run. Would you rather have a running belt for home use? In any case, read this article about running tires to make a good choice.

5. Gadgets can also be useful

Nowadays there are mountains of gadgets that you can take with you while running. Sports watches, sweatbands with storage compartments, music carriers (usually a telephone) and so on. A sports watch can indeed be useful for keeping track of data.

They usually have heart rate monitors, navigation, altimeters, pedometers (and whole distance), speedometers, time indicators and much more.

Although they are all optional, they can be great for running. Check for yourself how professionally you want to run. Sports watches, along with a few other gadgets, are increasingly becoming part of every rider's basic equipment.

Ready to start…run!

Now that you know what it takes, you're ready to run. Make sure you take the most important tips from this article seriously and supplement it with the extras you deem necessary. You will absolutely not regret it, have more fun and go through life injury-free.