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Kick it with the Punch &Kick workout from Studio C Online

Want to have a blast? With this high-intensity punch &kick work-out you will have your sports rhythm back in no time. Sweating guaranteed.

Christina &Heidy run Studio C Online together, the sports platform for women. Every month they share a favorite workout in Santé and on

Punch &Kick workout

Heidy:“Sweating often feels good, because we feel like we're really doing something and burn a lot of calories. But sweating doesn't necessarily say anything about how hard you work. Sweating mainly regulates temperature in your body.”

Christina:“With a heavy strength training you usually sweat less than with a HIIT lesson, running for half an hour on the treadmill or with this punch &kick workout. But also with strength training you burn calories and you can lose weight. With strength training, for example, you have a high burn rate after your workout."

Heidy:“So don't be blinded by how much you sweat when you exercise. Always provide variety. Not only train your fitness, but also work on your muscle building. In this workout we go for fitness, with easy punching and kicking movements at a high pace. Bet you'll feel like a true champion afterwards?"

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Curious about this training from Studio C Online? Watch it until October 12 below.

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