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5 reasons to run when it rains

When you finally mustered up your courage and donned your sports outfit, it's going to rain! Still, it can be great to run in the rain and here's why.

Oxygen-rich air

When it rains, there are fewer impurities and fine particles in the air. The rain filters all the pollutants from the air, which increases the oxygen concentration. Because the oxygen content in the air is so high, you breathe in extra oxygen, which you can use while running in the rain. The rain also ensures that your muscles cool down, so you can walk faster. Because you can walk further and faster through the rain, your condition builds up faster. Make sure you have a good jacket .

Burning more calories

When it rains, it is colder than when it is dry. Several studies have shown that you burn more calories when you run in the rain. Your body has to put in more effort to stay warm. This costs extra energy, so more calories burned. Make sure your shoes be waterproof!

5 reasons to run when it rains 5 reasons to run when it rains

You put your muscles to work

If it is slippery from the rain, you have to work harder not to lose your balance while running. Because it's slippery, your muscles have to work harder to stay upright. It is important to keep drinking even when it rains. Choose a special drinking bottle for while walking.

You become mentally stronger

To run in the rain you need more concentration. This makes you mentally stronger, because it is a more difficult workout. Can you walk in the rain? Then you can also handle heavier workouts. More tips can be found in the book Drive .

Book tip

A liberating feeling

Accept that you will get wet (after your run you will probably shower ) and enjoy the moment. You will notice that this gives you a liberating feeling. Let the drops come over you and clear your head. Focus on the run and come to yourself.

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