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Here's how to really brush your teeth effectively according to dentists

Ahhh the tooth brushing . This habit almost as natural as breathing. To be done at least 3 times a day (but two is already good), brushing your teeth is a must for impeccable oral hygiene . In our daily beauty routine, this small gesture has its place all found, still it is necessary to do it correctly . And yes, brushing your teeth requires just as much attention as choosing the right day cream. So, to have a perfectly healthy mouth, here is how to really brush your teeth effectively according to dentists.

Brush your teeth well:in which order to proceed

Ladies, to your toothbrushes, here is the routine that will change the life of your mouth . Your mouthwash is to use before and not after your tooth wash. Used at the end, it will eliminate all the good deeds of the toothpaste. It may sound weird to you, but before brushing your teeth, you should use dental floss. Our toothbrush unfortunately can't squeeze through our teeth well, but toothpaste can. As a result, it is better to get rid of small stuck residues before than after, so that it can act effectively. Brushing hard won't make your teeth cleaner, it's more likely to damage them. As a result, opt for a gentle, but long brushing , at least 2 minutes. Brush the outer surfaces, the inner surfaces, then the chewing surfaces of all your teeth. Finally, you should don't forget to clean your tongue after brushing is complete. If you don't brush or scrape your tongue every day after brushing, you greatly increase your chances of bad breath.