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How to find a motorhome area?

How to find a motorhome area?

You are going on vacation with your new motorhome. Either, you will prepare your trip in advance, or, you are thirsty for adventure and you will leave randomly on the paths and your desire for the day. In both cases, it is necessary to know a minimum where you can stop at night to sleep. Today, be aware that it is increasingly forbidden to stop in nature without authorization and that camping is expensive. The fully adapted intermediate solution remains the motorhome area. Some are free, others pay, others still welcome you to the farm or to individuals, etc. Here are some tips to get you there.

Traffic signs

If you ride as you wish (it's better to do it outside school hours), you can spot one of the road signs telling you that there is a rest area near where you are. These signs tell you if it is:

  • An emptying area
  • A camping area
  • Free or paid parking authorized for motorhomes
  • A parking area for motorhomes

Warning :if the sign is round and surrounded by red, it is a prohibition for motorhomes.

Differences between parking and camping

It is important to know the differences between camping and parking when driving a motorhome. Thus, if it is indicated that a motorhome can park in a place, he has the same rights as a car, but this does not mean that he can stay to camp , that is to say:open your awning, put on your wedges, unpack your table and chairs; etc In fact, it can be parked without installing its equipment. In addition, the duration of parking is limited (defined by the municipality of the place of reception) ranging from 48 hours to 7 days. It is still possible to sleep inside the motorhome during this period.

"Physical" maps for motorhome areas

The so-called “physical” maps concerning motorhome areas are paper guides containing road routes and areas and various reception points for motorhomes. You will find GPS coordinates, geographical locations, the presence of possible drains, the description and sometimes the price and photos if these maps are attached to a guide.

Park4Night, the mobile application with our preference

Just like paper maps, there are mobile apps that you'll find on your phone if you have internet. The most recommended is Park4night which has a very complete free version. She recency :

  • Authorized car parks
  • Picnic areas and authorized parking
  • Free and paying reception points at farmers
  • Free or paid motorhome areas
  • The campsites
  • Dumping areas, etc.

Park4nigth is a very complete and interactive application. You still find the route to get to the place of your choice. It is also very good to consult the opinions of other motorhome owners who have visited the site, because they tell you about the places, the surroundings, the cleanliness, the tranquility, the safety and the proximity of shops, activities and places to visit. . This application is downloadable on Android with Apple Store for free . In addition, you can take advantage of it if you travel abroad, as it offers the same advantages.

Motorhome Park

The Park motorhome network is not to be overlooked if you are traveling in France, because the areas are open all year round, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. You find there:

  • Electricity
  • Garbage
  • Water
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sanitaries, picnic tables, swimming pools and barbecues in some

The Motorhome Park areas include automatic barriers, often surveillance cameras and are often very close to town centers and/or tourist sites. You need to get the 'Etapes pass card that you can credit online or when you arrive at one of the areas. The card costs €5. Parking ranges from €10 to €12 per day on average. If you add €29 for the Privileges Pack, you can even reserve your space before arriving, for one year.

Other useful mobile applications

The online application is also interesting for motorhome owners wishing to go to private homes . A large number of them offer them in each region of France at very affordable prices. Please note, when using the application, it is recommended to check whether large motorhomes can pass, because often, because of a path that is a little too stony or difficult access, only campers and vans are accepted. Otherwise, it is noted what individuals make available to you. Homecamper is interesting in places where there are no other alternatives or if you are looking for a quiet and friendly place. Access to Homecamper and various information is free.

France Passion is another interesting application to discover farmers, winegrowers and craftsmen welcoming you to their homes. You park for free with them and discover the products they offer for sale. You have to be totally autonomous, because there are no possible drains on site. Very few of them offer you electricity or water for a small financial contribution. Access to the site and to the addresses is free, however, if you want the very practical and interesting guide, you can get it on the dedicated online site for the price of 30 € in French, but it also exists in French. other languages.

Tourist offices

If you walk around without one of the means we have just mentioned, when you arrive in a place you like to land, go to the tourist office. They will send you a list of areas around you . You can also consult the tourist offices on their online site and find this same information as well as very practical tips.

It's up to you now to see which means of information seem to you the most practical and the most essential for having the best holidays.