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Buying a new or used mobile home:everything you need to know!

You want to offer yourself a second home to go and spend the holidays in a seaside resort or a place that you like. You have thought about buying a mobile home that you can buy new or used depending on your budget. No problem, there are many sizes and at all prices, however, there is specific legislation about these holiday facilities and their installation responds to a procedure that must be followed. Here is everything you need to know about buying your mobile home.


Contrary to what you may think, the mobile home cannot be installed on private land. It must be placed on a plot that you can rent in a residential campsite or in a residential leisure park named PRL. So, before finding the mobile home of your dreams, start by looking for its future location corresponding to your desire and your budget. Attention, every year, you will have to pay annual operating costs and an entrance fee on the day of your installation. Operating costs include:

  • The rent of the plot
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water,
  • Common services, etc.

Legislation in force :many do not know it, but French law prohibits putting a mobile home in your garden or on private land. It is not possible to live there all year round, because the law indicates that the mobile home is a second home.

Various costs related to the mobile home

The rental of the plot varies on average from €1,000 to €7,000 per year. The entry fee ranges from €1,000 to €4,000 for the development of the plot, services and equipment on the site. Wedging and the connections come as an extra. You will also have to pay the tourist tax each year which varies from one municipality to another. Finally, you will also have to pay an annual insurance.

Good to know :some campsites only open part of the year, such as the 1 st April to October 31. Think in this case, that your use will be limited. Also check the services offered such as a swimming pool, extra food, a playground for children, etc.

Drawing up a plot rental contract

Once you have chosen the place where you want to place your mobile home, you will have to sign a rental contract with the manager of the campsite or the PRL. This contract is not mandatory, but we advise you to require it to avoid any dispute with the lessor later. You will conclude it for one year and it is renewable by tacit agreement. Be careful, however, because the lessor can put an end to it without giving you any reason when it comes to an end. He only has the obligation to notify you by registered notice two months before the due date.

The important thing in a mobile home, whether new or used

Regarding the interior decoration of your future mobile home or its plan, everything is a matter of taste. So, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best knowing that the models on the market range from one to four bedrooms. On the other hand, you must look at certain elements, especially if you buy it used. These elements are:

  • The galvanized steel frame on which the floor is placed. It must meet standards such as water-repellent chipboard, must be insulated with foam, wool, thermobubbles or other insulation
  • Rising wooden lattice walls must be insulated with thermoregulating film, polystyrene or glass wool
  • The openings are double glazed
  • Outer luggage is vinyl
  • Shutters are decorative, rolling or swinging
  • The roof is double-sloped and insulated with glass wool or thermo-protective film then covered with a steel deck imitating tiles
  • Delivery with the mobile home ready for use when it is new and furnished and equipped

Good to know :if you buy a second-hand mobile home, make sure it is recent, because some old models contain asbestos and are prescribed.

Price of a mobile home

Depending on the model you choose, the price of the mobile home varies between €20,000 and €60,000. This new price can be announced to you in:

  • Ex works or
  • Delivered

In the first case, you will have to pay the transport costs to its destination. In the second case, transport is included up to the entrance to the site. By buying it new, negotiate these elements as well as accessories such as additional appliances or a terrace. You will then have costs for installing the mobile home on your plot. It is therefore worth contacting the campsite manager directly, who can offer you an "all-inclusive solution. because he works with a dealer. In this case, you will avoid the costs of wedging, connections, etc. in the case of a second-hand mobile home purchase, you will have understood that it is interesting to buy your future residence already in place.

How to finance a mobile home

If you cannot finance your mobile home yourself, you can take out a loan for a maximum period of 15 years . Your purchase can thus be 100% financed without you having to take out a penny in advance. On the other hand, you will have to go through the Scrivener law establishing a withdrawal period of 7 days if the amount of the credit is greater than €21,500 and if the duration is greater than 3 months. The credit offer is valid for 15 days once it is granted to you. Be aware that many dealers work with credit organizations offering attractive rates.

Have a good holiday now or why not rent it to make it profitable!