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How to Pack Your Cabin Suitcase Like a PRO (and Save Lots of Space)!

Are you flying with a "low cost" airline soon?

Don't forget that you are only allowed 1 piece of cabin baggage .

And in addition, this luggage must respect certain strict dimensions.

Otherwise, you will have to pay a supplement that will hurt your wallet!

So how do you pack all the stuff you need in one bag?

Fortunately, there is a simple trick to save space in your cabin suitcase. Watch:

How to

1. First lay the coat flat inside out.

2. Then place the collared shirts on top at 180° to the coat.

3. Place t-shirts and dresses vertically.

4. Place pants and jeans horizontally.

5. Alternate a t-shirt then jeans.

6. Wrap underwear and socks in a t-shirt.

7. Place this t-shirt in the middle of the clothes.

8. Now fold all the clothes starting with the sleeves.

9. Once all the clothes are rolled up together, place them in the suitcase.

10. Now add a pair of chic shoes and an everyday one.


  • How to
  • Result

There you go, thanks to this technique, you have stowed your cabin suitcase like a pro :-)

And above all, you have saved a lot of space! Everything is optimized to take the plane serenely.

You don't even have to pay extra for checked baggage!

The icing on the cake, this folding method avoids creasing your clothes as they are rolled up in the suitcase.

If you don't yet have a suitcase that respects the dimensions, I recommend this one.