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On holiday to the 'Quinta':Portuguese country life

In a rural rural setting, enjoy homemade jam, country bread, olive oil, chouriço and a glass of real 'house wine'. Those looking for nature, peace and relaxation can visit Portugal all year round thanks to the mild climate. Agrotourism is widespread there over the different regions, each with its own characteristics. Staying on a farm (Quinta) really puts you in touch with the traditions of the local population. It offers various rural recreational opportunities:from assisting the farmer in the stable to various outdoor activities!

On holiday to the  Quinta :Portuguese country life
Douro Grape Harvest | ©AT Porto and the North

Porto and Northern Portugal
Portugal was founded in the region of Porto and Northern Portugal. This region is crossed by the Douro. The river enters Portugal between the ravines and mountains of the interior, where the Port and Douro wines are produced. In cities such as Viana do Castelo, Braga, Lamego, Chaves or Vila Real you will get to know the authentic Portugal, where the table customs and traditions are shared with the visitors. In Porto and Northern Portugal people live simply and are grateful for what they have.

On holiday to the  Quinta :Portuguese country life
Walk with the Shepherd | ©Madre d'Água Hotel Rural

Centro de Portugal
Inland there are mountainous areas and slate villages. Close to the sea you will find fishing villages and cosmopolitan seaside resorts. You can stay in unique housing units, perfectly integrated into the surrounding natural landscape and in harmony with sustainable farming methods such as Casas do Côro, Madre d´Água and Quinta da Palmeira. Joining the shepherd during the daily grazing, wandering through the vineyards, enjoying a traditional picnic or tasting the regional cuisine through the hands of a chef are some of the authentic experiences you can have there.

On holiday to the  Quinta :Portuguese country life
Shellfish | ©Turismo de Lisboa

Lisboa is the ideal destination for a culinary wine tour in combination with agrotourism. Visitors can complement their experience through direct contact with nature and local historical presence such as Sintra or Mafra. Surprise yourself by enjoying the best fish in the world, a Bacalhau à Brás and an Azeitão cheese as a starter or dessert; lose yourself in the national parks and see dolphins in their natural environment. All this 30 minutes away from the city of Lisbon.

On holiday to the  Quinta :Portuguese country life
Traditional home in Alentejo | ©Alentejo Promotion Office

Alentejo Far from being a mass destination, the Alentejo has focused its tourism development on sustainability. This can be clearly seen in the various agro-tourism projects that have sprung up there, which invite you to get to know a more authentic Portugal, such as Herdade do Touril. A herdade with whitewashed houses, windows painted blue and a set of five-star services:heated swimming pool, restaurant with the best regional dishes, outdoor fireplace and a bicycle offer. Also known is Herdade da Malhadinha which focuses on immersive rural experiences such as the Lusitano horses or balloon rides through the golden plains of Alentejo. But also think of places like São Lourenço do Barrocal or the Monsaraz region:a Starlight Destination, a classification that distinguishes few places in the world with ideal conditions for observing the stars!

On holiday to the  Quinta :Portuguese country life
Castro Marim | ©AT Algarve

Besides fishing and processing, the Algarve has never been an industrial region. This made it easier to embrace sustainable development, with genuine concern for the environment. This effort is reflected in nature reserves and parks, including Costa Vicentina, Ria de Alvor, the Ria Formosa Natural Park and the salt marshes of Castro Marim. With its steep cliffs, beaches, sand dunes and mountains, the Costa Vicentina Natural Park is a nature reserve with 750 identified plants and 200 bird species, including the Bonelli eagle and the Peregrin falcon.

On holiday to the  Quinta :Portuguese country life
António Carvalho e Cunha | ©Criação Velha – Pico

For many years, the main economic activity in the Azores has been agriculture and livestock, which means that today a wide range in this area is possible. Educational farms and activities can be found ranging from animal contact, tea picking, grape harvest, bread baking, milking cows, molding clay and many other enchanting experiences.

On holiday to the  Quinta :Portuguese country life
Madeira Mar | ©Andre Carvalho

The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, are real refuges with a beautiful nature. You feel as it were in a paradise. A good example of this is Fajã dos Padres. The entrance is different than we are used to. There are only two ways to get there, namely by cable car up to the Fajã area or by boat. Here the sea is so clear that it is possible to see the ocean floor if you are out of the water as well. There is a small pier, which gives direct access to the sea and where you can dive. The water temperature can reach about 24.5°C in summer. All this happens while being surrounded by an incredible nature that will bring you calmness, relaxation and unwillingness to leave this “paradise”.