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A trip to the beach:some tips for getting organized

A trip to the beach:some tips for getting organized

Summer vacation is fast approaching. This is the perfect time to enjoy the sun by organizing outings to the beach with family or friends. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your best swimsuits. Nevertheless, organize a trip to the beach is not a trivial task, there are essential little things that you must plan for. Here are some tips that will help you organize and enjoy your moment of relaxation.

List the items that should be in your bag

A trip to the beach:some tips for getting organized

It is recommended to make a checklist for a successful day at the beach.

Beach clothes

Put beach-appropriate clothes in your bag. Take your favorite swimsuit or light clothing with long sleeves if you don't want to soak in water. You can also keep a change of clothes that you will wear on the way back from the beach so that you do not get wet or full of sand.

Protection against the sun

The protective accessories against the sun are essentials that you must put first in your bag. Indeed, too long exposure to the sun can have consequences on your skin . So bring caps or hats, sunglasses or a umbrella . Take a sunscreen that you will put on as soon as you arrive at the beach and whenever you feel the need.

An accessory for sitting down

It is obvious that you will not spend the day standing, let alone sitting on the hot sand. So remember to take an old blanket , towel, mat or beach chair . The towel you will be sitting on should be different from the one you will use to wipe yourself off after swimming.

A first aid kit

The first aid kit should generally include painkillers , disinfectant, thermometer, bandages, antihistamines . You can also take a little arnica for your children, if they love to play and run on the ideal beach to take care of the little knocks.

Bring something to eat

For half a day , take simple things like cereal, fruit, chocolate, and water bottles or bottles of water to hydrate yourself. On the other hand for a whole day , prepare a real picnic . You can keep a cooler of cold drinks. Bring a garbage bag to put the waste there so as not to dirty the beach.

Plan games for relaxation

A trip to the beach:some tips for getting organized

A day sitting or lying at the beach without interactive games can be boring especially if you are with family.

Games without risks for children

There are several fun, safe games your kids can play. You can bring their toys or create fun activities in the moment.

Sand darts

This game consists of drawinga large circle on the sand , with several concentric circles inside. Players stand a few meters from the target and throw shells or pebbles trying to get as close to the center as possible.

The shark and the fish

It's a very fun game. A person plays the role of the shark , the others are fish . The shark must catch the fish swimming around it. When a fish is tagged, it joins the shark and helps the latter to tag the other fish. The last person caught is called the fastest fish.

Seashell collecting

This game consists of asking each child to collect several types of seashells on the beach. After the collection, the children will have to sort the shells into several categories like size, type or color on the grids you have drawn.

Games for a trip to the beach with friends

Games with friends at the beach are good times to share


Frisbee is an outdoor game ideal for a trip to the beach. It consists of sending a disc from one player to another, in turn. It is practiced for half an hour between two teams each composed of five players .

Beach volleyball

It is a sporting activity that is practiced between two teams of two players . The teams return the ball take turns, but are only allowed a maximum of three hits. However, for a game with friends at the beach, you can form teams with the number of players that suits you and set your own rules .