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3 prank emails to play with your friends

Most people spend a lot of time in their email inbox How to read a little and learn a lot from your email inbox How to read a little and learn a lot from your email inbox There are many great newsletters to choose. But which ones will make a difference in your inbox? Test your learning habit with these 20 picks we've compiled for you. Read more . If you want to have fun with your friends, you can take advantage of this by doing some email pranks:

  1. Send the entire dictionary as a text file. . Doing this will ruin your friend's email search results. Every time they search for a word to find an email, the message you sent will appear with the list of words in English. It's subtle, but annoying. You can get a massive list of words on this page; just copy and paste everything into an email. If you want to be a bit more subtle, press Ctrl + S on that page to save the list as a text file and send it in an otherwise unseen email. Make sure you know which email service your friend uses:Gmail looks at attachments, while Yahoo doesn't.
  2. Changing a co-worker's signature to something stupid. . Your Email Signature Is a Useful Tool 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Professional Email Signature 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Professional Email Signature We've written a lot about how to send emails like a pro, but one aspect that gets overlooked is high is often the email signature. Here's how to set up the perfect professional email signature. Read More If you have a coworker who doesn't always lock his computer, wait until he walks away and then access his email account. Change a little thing about your signature so it's not totally obvious (or hurtful), and let the laughs roll on.
  3. Use a free service to send an anonymous prank email . Services like SendAnonymousEmail allow you to send an email to anyone from a fake address. You can use this to inform a co-worker that they need to come as a clown for tomorrow's office party or other similar shenanigans. Everything you can imagine to annoy a friend by email can come to life thanks to this service.

Do you want to play more pranks? Take a look at fake viruses that will scare your friends. 4 Cool Fake Viruses to Make Your Friends Scare. 4 Cool Fake Viruses To Make Your Friends Scare. Do you want to mess with your friends' PCs without causing any lasting damage...)? Try some fake viruses and really finish your BBF! Read more.

What's your favorite email prank to play with friends? Share your best prank ideas with us in the comments!