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The best time tracking app for Android, iOS and desktop

Tracking your time is a great way to find out where you spend it. But the task itself shouldn't waste your time.

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We show you how time tracking can benefit you, what to look for in time tracking software, and the best cross-platform app we could find for the job.

Why time tracking?

If you're working on many different projects or tasks, time tracking is an essential element for success. Do you feel overwhelmed? Having! 4 time management tools to keep you from feeling overwhelmed? Having! 4 Time Management Tools to Save You Do you have a hard time staying productive because your mind keeps wandering to deadlines, appointments, or urgent tasks? We show you smart time management tools that will help you relax, refocus, and get things done. Read more . As a freelancer, for example, you can track how long you work for various clients. Time tracking is beneficial to productivity and efficiency for a variety of reasons.

Productive benefits of time tracking

  • Helps you focus on the task at hand..
  • Allows you to record the exact time for billing.
  • Helps you manage your time by seeing where you spend it.
  • Allows you to better estimate future similar tasks.

Benefits of time tracking for teams

  • Helps you see where your team spends their time.
  • Allows you to observe potential process improvements..
  • Assists you with project schedules and deadlines.
  • Allows you to estimate upcoming similar projects.

Whether you bill by the hour or month and work alone or have a team, it's easy to see the benefits of time tracking. And, it is crucial that you use a reliable and robust tool. Here is a list of features to look for in a time tracking app.

  • Basic tasks - You should be able to do the basics, such as manual or automatic entries, editing and deleting functions, and archiving options..
  • Ease of use - You should be able to track your time simply and quickly.
  • Wide availability - You should be able to access the tool on a variety of platforms, including web and mobile.
  • Intuitive reports - You should be able to clearly see past time entries for various time periods.
  • Integration - You should be able to connect the tool to other applications when needed, such as project management software and to-do list applications.
  • Team management (when applicable) - You must be able to activate and deactivate users, provide different levels of access and configure groups of users.

If you're ready to increase your productivity Learn to be on top of your business with Productivity Hacks Pack Learn to be on top of your business with Productivity Hacks Pack Read More tool for you and it's called Toggl.

Why Toggl??

Toggl is an easy to use time tracking app with extensive features. Offers cross-platform support, including mobile and desktop apps (for links, see Availability links below), browser extensions, reports, automatic and manual time entries, team and project management, and many integration options.

The app provides so many useful features for free, but it also gives you more with the paid plans. For businesses and professionals with billing needs, for example, these paid plans currently start at just $10 per month.

Time Tracking Features

You really do get a complete package when it comes to time tracking with Toggl. The number of available features provides reliable time tracking, convenient organization, and simple customization.

Each of these features is available with all Toggl plans:

  • One-click tracking.
  • Automatic or manual entries..
  • Deletion of entries.
  • Bulk edit.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Customizable labels.
  • 12 and 24 hour formats..
  • An autotracker using triggers (desktop applications).
  • A Pomodoro timer An easy way to make the Pomodoro technique more engaging An easy way to make the Pomodoro technique more engaging If you are a fan of Pomodoro, you can choose to use a simple timer, or you can use another thing that can Increase your productivity even more. Read more (browser extensions, desktop applications).

Reporting tools

If you use Toggl for free, you can access summary, detailed, and weekly reports. You can also check out a quick view of activity on your online Toggl dashboard. You can choose a day, week, month or year, and also compare them with the previous period.

If you or your company is interested in a paid plan for Toggl, you can receive additional reporting features. These options include billable rates, export options, rounding, flagged reports, and the inclusion of your company logo. 5 Sites to Learn about and Create Business Logos 5 Sites to Learn about and Create Business Logos Nowadays, trendy websites and apps point to some sites that offer you free logos to use as you wish, or give you insight into the mark with which it is already surrounded. Read more.

The reports are intuitive and allow you to view data in both a graph and a pie chart. You can filter the chart information by team, client, project, or tag. For the pie chart, you can group the details by project, client, or user, and then sort them by title or item duration.

All of these options give you a great view of your items without complicated settings or hard-to-understand diagrams.

Project management

Toggl offers project management features that are useful for both teams and individuals. You can create an unlimited number of projects and clients. You can also assign colors to make it easier to organize and archive projects you no longer need.

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Equipment management

Whether you're working with two or 20 people, you can invite team members to your Toggl workspace. This provides a team control panel, adjustable access levels and user group options. And by viewing reports, you can quickly see the activity of others on your team.

The free plan covers teams of up to five members. For larger groups or companies, you can have unlimited team size along with options to edit member profiles and add time for team members.


Toggl integrates with many apps for large teams and businesses. You can easily connect to Salesforce, GitHub, Asana, Basecamp, and Zendesk, just to name a few. You also have the options to create a custom weather clock widget with the public Toggl API.

For smaller or self-contained teams, you connect Toggl to tools like Wunderlist, Todoist, Google Drive, Remember The Milk, and Evernote. You might be interested in additional Chrome plugins like tracking time spent on WordPress, replying to customer emails in Gmail, or time spent in Google Inbox.

Some integrations can be achieved directly through the app, while others just require a plugin. For example, you can visit your Zapier account to connect the two tools, but for GQueues you would use the Toggl Button Chrome extension.


Toggl is conveniently available on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can also download the desktop app for Windows, Mac, or Linux. And for browsers, you can install the Toggl extension for Firefox or a plugin for Chrome.

Toggl tips and tricks

Although the app is very easy to use, if you're new to Toggl, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

  • Easily reset the timer if an input requires additional time.
  • Create different online workspaces to organize companies and teams..
  • Right-click the text in Firefox or Chrome and select Startup Timer From the context menu for quick access.
  • Visit the Information Center for help, feedback, or questions.
  • Visit the Toggl blog for news, updates and tips.

Are you ready to give time tracking a try?

With its intuitive interface and extensive features, Toggl is an app that will ease your time tracking efforts. If you're a current Toggl-er and want to share your thoughts on it, we'd love to hear from you! And if you decide to spend time tracking (whether you choose Toggl or another tool), come back to MakeUseOf and let us know what you think.

What tools have you used to track your time? If you have used Toggl, what feature makes it most useful to you?